Deported 9 times, rapist sneaks in again to keep "doing the job Americans won't do"

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    Investigators: Edmonds rape suspect deported nine times | | Seattle Area Local News

    And of course by "The job Americans won't do" we mean "raping people."

    No border problem at all! Nothing to see here! Just shut up and support Obama! You're not a


    are you?

    If you don't support open borders and letting illegals go around raping women at will, YOU ARE A RACIST.

    So which is it, ARE YOU A RACIST, or do you support Obama in keeping our borders open and letting Americans get raped at will by illegals?
  2. no ingles senor
  3. Yeah we need open borders! No reason to keep threats out!

    And before people start crying "American citizens can rape too"

    Yes you are correct they can. But does that mean lets let anyone come in? No because if we can keep some rapists out and find the the rapers who are in the USA already, we can reduce the number of rapists in the country. Cause to me a lower number of rapists is a good thing, don't listen to me though my looney-tunes ideas are so far fetched:rolleyes:

  4. What are a few rapes if it means more diversity to celebrate?

    So what if a few women have to get raped, a few kids have to be molested, and a few people have to get murdered? We're better off because now these people can celebrate diversity with us.

    INFACT,these people should be THANKFUL and HAPPY they were raped, or molested, or killed, because if they weren't they would be a RACIST instead of a multi-cultural hero who helps illegals celebrate their diversity by raping people.
  5. fo sho bro, the rape victims should rejoice, but their such greedy capitalists that all they love is money and profits.
  6. This is what happens when we put profits before people.

    If they would have been more interested in putting the needs of others, like the need to get off in a violent fashion with some gringa, instead of their own need to not be raped first, this wouldn't even be an issue.

    Besides, I'm pro-rape-choice. I'm personally opposed to rape, but I would never dare tell someone else what he can do his with body. After all, people have a right to privacy.
  7. This is 21st centry, who gives a fuck about other race? We're all humans, for fuck sakes.
  8. ok... so the guy is a rapist.

    Are all immigrants rapists?

    Is the incidence of rape going to go down if we have harsher immigration laws?

    What exactly is your point other then the "brown guy raped people"?
  9. Wait . . . . what was your point Sir Elliot? :confused:
  10. What he's trying to illustrate is that by possibly having a differing opinion on illegal immigration, you automatically support rape

    It's like those Republican congressmen Mark Foley and Larry Craig. They were sexual deviants, so every time you vote for Republicans, you're voting for sexual deviancy.

    Try to keep up here, Penelope
  11. Yeah, just cause some guy keeps immigrating to the United States to rape doesn't really mean we need border control, for this ONE guy. This is an unusual case.

    While i think something needs to be done to stop illegal immigrants from coming through i don't think border control is the answer. Maybe it should be easier for foreigners to earn citizenship?
    The problem needs to be solved from where it started. So why do they want in? Because they want to live the American dream and escape poverty, and gang violence.
    We know you can become a citizen by going through a bunch of tests and learning English.
    So why wouldn't they try to legally enter the U.S? Because there is some difficulty for a lot of immigrants, and maybe we should improve on the way people earn citizenship instead of wasting tax money, time, and effort on a stupid wall.

  12. If we enforce our current laws, yes. Less people will be entering the country illegal. Some of those people are responsible for rapes each year. Those rapes will not take place because that person will be in mexico wishing they were raping Americans instead of actually raping Americans.

    My point is that we have a broken southern border that needs to be sealed.

    Why do you support policies that increase the number of rapes?
  13. OH yes... of course.

    It's much easier to paint the picture of rapist immigrants coming to steal your women and children (and jobs!), then it is to actually go to the source of the problem....

    The million and billion dollar corporations that hire them to come here and work.

    But if we actually started going after them, then we would all get raped every time we opened our wallets. And businesses should have the right to hire whoever they want to, DAMMIT!!! :rolleyes:

  14. Because I like rape almost as much as I like killing babies and mutilating genitalia.
  15. Wait... we need to do something to stop illegals from entering the country illegally... but actually stopping them from entering the country illegally isn't the answer? WTF? That makes no sense.

    Your proposal seems to be, change the law so it isn't illegal anymore and... MAGIC!... no more 'illegal' immigration! Ta-da!

    We spend more on social services, massively more, giving free stuff out to illegals than it would cost to build a fence.

    Building a fence is relatively cheap. It would cost, at most, a few billion (and that's with typical government waste and union giveaways). That's less than obama wanted to give to ACORN.

    Of course it all really depends: do you think the US government should spend money to stop American women from being raped, American children from being molested, and American families from being killed by rampaging gangs of illegal aliens that know Obama is on their side and not the side of America?
  16. It would seem the source of the problem... is... erm...the fact that anyone can walk across the southern border no problem. Problem solved.

    [ame=]YouTube - See Raj Run - Episode 8[/ame]

    This candidate rented an elephant and a mariachi band to prove his point.

    You can cross the border on an elephant. With a band playing for you while you do it.
  17. Sir Elliot, how come every time this subject comes up you refuse to address the issue of the companies who hire illegal immigrants to work here for far less then they pay Americans?

    Are you willing to pay 2-3x more at the grocery store to support your cause?
  18. We should just incarcerate everyone, because that way all of the rapists and murderers wouldn't be free to do as they please on the free streets of America.

    In fact, solitary confinement would be ideal, because then there would be no possible opportunity for such interactions to take place.

    What do you say Sir Elliot, shouldn't we go about putting this policy into place?

    If you say no then you are actively supporting policy that will allow rapists and murders to do as they please....
  19. Anyone caught as a rapist/child molester/child porn/anything-i-forgot needs to have a forced sex change and sent to Iraq. End of rapist/child molester/child porn/anything-i-forgot.

    I think I might be done with the news for a while. Between children getting shot, aliens raping people, suicide bombers, gang wars, oil spill (which will probably be one of the most catastrophic events this century), and all the other crap that happens every damn day.

    I'm gonna go smoke a fat bowl now and relax. Peace.

  20. They can walk across the border, but then what?

    The vast majority of immigrants are coming here to work, not rape people. They get jobs because companies pay them far less then what they pay american workers.

    Do you think a fence is going stop companies from recruiting in mexico?

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