Depersonalization from weed

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  1. Pretty positive weed caused me to have depersonalization even when im not high. Anyone else get this from smoking a lot? Kind of makes everything feel un-real and living in your head instead of your body, if that makes sense.

    Think I need to quit...
  2. Yes it makes my anxiety shoot theough the roof depresswd derealization.. thing feel fake staged... honestly thkugh I feel like derealization is actualy realization...
  3. Well ... it is a possible side effect, so I guess it's pretty normal. Anyway most people find that state desireable. Anyway, I've found that talking about the experience or the feelings you felt during that experience is better than just slapping a label on it. You feel like spilling your guts?
  4. Yeah ive thought about this too, like maybe I just see reality for how it really is. And being trapped inside your brain like "normal" for majority but I kind of want that feeling back
  5. Well I think it happened from a panic attack I had while very high, ended up losing a shoe in the mud too and thought I was being drowned in quicksand :( not a fun time. But every since, smoking was still enjoyable but once in a while, or more often than not I feel like one step above reality. Not trapped in my mind, but looking down at it. Very strange, most ppl know whAt depersonalization is so im not going to explain that much. But i dont know, i kind of want to be trapped inside my mind again, like a normal dumb human being.
  6. Whao. Sounds harsh. Do you think there are certain thoughts that trigger these episodes? I know in the past, when I used to get similar attacks, I would basically start over-analysing a trivial or neutral stimulus. Sound familiar?
  7. I think your right. People are always living out the roles and ideas they have about things. I think coming to the realization that your not any of those things can cause lots of anxiety because it then begs the question "Well what the fuck am I!?"
  8. I get that feeling sometimes only when I smoke wit certain ppl.. I think its my subconscious mind really bein insecure about somethin
  9. I get very emotional when I'm high...In a good way. But overall, I would say it's depersonalized me, yeah. That was one of my goals going in.
  10. Yup. Become insecure and you get depression, anxiety, and everything else that follows...oh and depersonalization. Its a snowball
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    Ya man when im not using unmentionable or smoking im.content with how I see life.. when im actually looking at what life is im like fuck this shit...

    I also had a major panic attack after 8 years of smoking... im sure one day I will pick up smoking when its time for me to chill and thproughly enjoy it all over again :)

  12. Exactly. Drugs show you how fake our social interactions are, how its simoly a construct of scociety. And scociety is a projection of our own expectations, not a real thing.

    When you can look at this world from a neutral standpoint, you see how bizarre it is. Weed does this slughtly, but fungi work much better. You see how we all put up a front to protect ourselves. What are we protecting ourselves from? Each other. We spend our lives as humans, being ashamed of expressing our humanity, because we are afraid of people.

    We forget that we are all the same, all traveling throufh this life tigether.

    This was a bit of a rant, I just see depersonalization as more of a benefit, than a curse. When you have this knowledge, you now have the ability to change the way you live, and make a difference.

    Many people who have bad experiences on weed or psychedelics, and carry these terrifying experiences forever, miss the whole point of drugs completely. They think it will be all pretty colors and laughs, but it is much more comolex than this. You cant take the experience and hide from it. Embrace it, learn from it, no matter the outcome
  13. Yeah i think I will try and use it for good and as learning about life, thanks for all the responses
  14. yea dude, take a break and think things over. Happened to me and I had some anxiety issues coming up at the same time, I ended up doing some reframing and voila, all better :)
  15. Just one of the side effects of over use. Take a break. Get used to experiencing life in normal consciousness for a while. It will allow things to balance up again. Who knows, you might find you like seeing the world this way.
  16. I've had this. I had been smoking, and went so deep into my questions of the universe that I had become alienated from me daily presence. It passed.....that's likely what will happen for you too.
  17. I get the same way. Trapped in my brain, racing thoughts which could lead to anxiety which is linked to depression. Makes me get extremely quiet too

    Omega369 :wave:
  18. This is where meditation comes in and why it's so important to do it.

    It allows you to create a balance that stops these racing thoughts, takes you out of the mind and brings you back into the body. Try focussing on your body specifically. Take your attention slowly over it from toe to head. Hold focus on your hands, your breath, your heart. Anywhere but the area between your eyes. Feel yourself sitting in the chair. Be really present with yourself and step back from thinking about anything. It should help.
  19. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

    Maybe the depersonalization is actually a realization that life isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  20. Ive came to that conclusion before...

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