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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by asdf007, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I'm a new smoker here. I know that long-term derealization is a mental disorder, but what if smoking causes these feelings in me during the duration of my high. I go to sleep and I'm completely fine the next day. Is this what being high is supposed to feel like, or am I going crazy?

  2. if ur fine the next day i wouldnt worry about it. keep  :bongin:
  3. Wait for Granny to lay down the knowledge.
  4. there is such a thing as drug-induced schizophrenia. I don't mean that someone with average mental health and no family history of the mental disorder can smoke weed, wake up, and BAM schizo. schizophrenia is a tricky disorder that usually doesn't reveal itself until late teens/early 20s. I have mild schizophrenia and my symptoms started right around the time I started smoking daily (depersonalization was actually the first symptom)

    don't freak out or anything, I still smoke on a daily basis. but that feeling isn't gonna go away unless you take a break and reflect and remember that everything is real haha. just watch out for typical symptoms of schizophrenia if you're really worried but I think you're fine.

    don't think you have to suffer through that cloudy feeling every time you smoke. it's scary and it isn't normal. best of luck OP!
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    Depersonalization doesn't exist. 

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