Department Stores While Medicated?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by koolwup29, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Hey guys,

    Sometimes when I'm nicely medicated me and my pals will go to The Home Depot and sit in the lawn furniture section and just chill there for a bit. Eventually the staff will come over to us and ask us if we need any help and they even end up asking us what we are doing there. I replied that we were waiting for our friend who was buying camping supplies (not really) and we ended up sitting there vaping and staying medicated for like seven hours until they said we had to go because they were closing. We did it again a few times more and brought snacks and drinks and even movies with a portable dvd player. It was pretty lit until they told us that we weren't allowed to come back. They said we had to buy the furniture if we liked it so much. Man this really grinds my gears, we tried to go back in even sneaking in and succeeding for a whole two minutes until this Paul Blart looking security man came charging at us like Hulk Hogan and we ended up saying screw it and bolting for the outdoors. Crazy times, crazy times.

    What are your thoughts on chilling in stores high and do you have any stories about being high at Home Depot or other cool department stores?

    As Will Ferrell once said "Yeah we're going to Bed, Bath and Beyond, going to have a nice little Saturday."

    Have a great day everyone, stay high ✌
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  2. How old are you dude if you think sitting in a shop high is fun? Lmaooo
  3. I'm not sure, I like to think of myself as an adult but when I look in the mirror I see a child.
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  4. Why wouldn't you just sit in your garden at home with your homies smoking :laughing: hanging around shopping places is the kinda stuff you do when you're a kid man :confused_2:
  5. You should like...make a clubhouse.

    Man, the department store's a diverse crowd in GC lol, me...I can't stand dealing with people in a public space while high at all. The most I'll do is vape and throw back an edible before a movie...I don't even like shopping when I've got any kind of buzz on.

    I've smoked joints through Sydney city before, always assuming the sheer crowd made it somewhat safe, but then I get stoned from it, hate that I'm in a crowded place again.
  6. It's this kind of behavior that gives Stoners a bad rap and thus makes legalization harder. Sure you were not harming anyone but lot of people in general look down upon this.

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