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Denver trip

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by nezzynezzle, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Heading to Denver for a week in a few months for a conference and would love some advice.

    First off, I don't really smoke anymore. I used to multiple times a day but it's been many years. I did, however, grow up in California and had my fair share of quality buds. Not to sound like a snob, but I am a finer things in life person and since I don't see myself making regular trips to Denver I want to make the most of the trip. I also live in a state that probably will be one of the last to legalize.

    I would love to get some very high quality sativa for the morning, some great edibles for the day to eat during conference, some hybrid to have at lunch, and some very good indica for night.

    I will be staying in a hotel downtown so I plan to vape with a smoke buddy to reduce smell. My hotel window opens so that is a plus.

    #1. Any strain recommendations? Price is not a concern and I am also open to hash or other forms.

    #2. Vape recommendations? Portable would be nice but not required.

    #3. Edible recommendations? Want it to be somewhat discreet so I can eat around others.

    #4. Dispensary recommendations? Near downtown if possible but not required.

    #5. Places to smoke other than secretly in hotel room? Kind of scretched about vaping in a non-smoking hotel but I think the smoke buddy + scented candles + window should help reduce smell. I'd love to meet other people though and be social. Are there any "coffee shops" or common smoking areas I could meet up with other blazers?

    Thanks for the info and great forum people! I just joined and am blown away by the knowledge here.
  2. #1- my favorite for sativa wise is Sour diesel, I also heard Jack herer is really good for sativa. Indica wise I just tried some northern lights and it was bomb I got couchlocked hard and knocked out but idk if they'll have some in Denver, if not I heard bubba kush is good but my other fav is blueberry kush. 
    #2- I heard magic flight box is really good for it's price but since you don't care about price Idk about the higher end vaporizers.
    #3- If you are eating with people and sneak in a edible it's gonna make your breath reek. I just had an edible and my breath smelt a little like weed( according to my gf) but I just put some gum and now it seems to be perfectly fine.
    #5 Your vaporizer plus smoke buddy scented candles and window is MORE than you need really but better safe than sorry. Make sure you put a towel under the door so smell doesn't go through the bottom. 
  3. Thanks for the information SSH12. As far as the vapes go I don't want to spend tons of money for only marginal improvements. I know some of the higher end ones can exceed $500. I would rather put that towards bud. I think 200-300 would be my max there.

    I have also thought about getting a glass bong for the week and loading snappers but I think I'd prefer a vape.
  4. If you're looking to spend $200-$300 on a vape, I recommend the SSV or the Extreme Q. Here are some links, 

    However, if you are wanting a portable one, the PAX is another great vaporizer

  5. For some dispensary recommendations, I'd go to CAM or Clinic, they both have recreational shops. Those will arguably be the best buds you'll find, and of course concentrates.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I think the bag option with the extreme q would work well for me in the hotel to minimize unintentional vapor release (smell). Although the Pax would be great for mobility....

    I've also started to do research on wax and other concentrates. I think I may want to give that a try so would be in the market for a pen vape as well.
  7. try some wax. Thats a must

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  8. when you go to buy you can find pretty much what ever suits you. some dispensarys arent going to have every strain so its more of a whats your best strain you have type of deal but you'll be able to find some popular buds. you'll be able to find out all the info you need on the strain at the disp to.
    like the guy said above me some hash oil is a must. i would do it after though it will knock you on your ass for a few hours if you take quite a bit.

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