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denver nuggets vs. mint kush

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by supertoker1, May 24, 2010.

  1. what strain of weed is better the mint kush or denver nugs?
    i smelled a little but of some denver nugs last night and it smelled like some dank but didnt buy any cuz they didnt have any to sell but now my other friend is selling some mint kush. i just wanna know which weed is more dank:p
  2. you cant accurately judge potency based on appearance let alone a name (loL) unless you have a microscopic lens in your eye that enables you to see resin glands.
  3. Even if you can see resin glands it doesn't tell you how strong they are. Both of those sound like made up names; so check them both out and go with your gut.
  4. lol i dont think denver nuggets is a strain man, io think he was saying denver nuggets like, nugs from denver that i dont know the correct name of
  5. thats what he meant by denver nuggets its just cuz it the basketball team name and it sounds funny haha but yeah the mint kush ended up bein oregano with some mint shit in it but it could barley pass for weeed

  6. fucking kidding me?! that sucks

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