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DENVER heads: Show me your bud shots!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mhaze21, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Ive been living and going to school in Denver since Sept of last year. Recently I started taking pictures of all the bud I get. I want to see what else is in or around Denver(Boulder). SO SHOW ME YOUR BUD! Here's a sample of what Ive got...

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  2. daaang man. That right there looks like some sticky icky. Nice buds, +rep
  3. yea that second pic looks like it would gum up the grinder haha.
  4. yeah i have a picture of another bud that jsut looks like it was grown in THAT was some sticky!
  5. That looks pretty similar to some stuff I smoked last weekend, was some pretty good stuff, more of a clear high, didn't feel it in my eyes at all.(Usually when I get stoned I can feel it in my eyes very strongly) Wonder if their the same? I'm a bit away, over in Oregon, but ya never know.

    How's the high?
  6. I am going to school in Boulder next year and is too intrested in the quality bud around Denver/ Boulder...
  7. Wookies---

    I can tell you that Im personally very pleased. In the US, Denver/Boulder is one of the finest places to get good bud. Looks like youre from Boston, where im sure there is some great nug, also. Something nice about Colorado bud is you can usually trace it to the grower pretty easily, because many more people grow around here than other parts. And alot of it is organic!!...its the Colorado style. Prices are not quite as good as some areas can have. 50 a slice, 90 quads, Oz. usually run about $300-350, and qp's about $1100. Hope that helps a little. Ive got a few more pics if you want to see them.
  8. Colorado bud is where it's at.

    I'm repping Fort Collins.:hello:
  9. nice, another fellow fort collins toker! the 970!!! we should get together and blaze
  10. Is the weed legal/decriminalized there? It probably is legal to have small amounts but it is illegal to grow there right?
  11. Its legal to have up to an oz in denver, but the cops still book you, just on state charges instead of city.
  12. nice dude +rep for the sweet bud
  13. Sweet! Ft. Collins toker right here too...

    I didn't know there were so many blades in CO or even FC.
  14. damn, you fort collins people should party man! hahaha.
  15. I'd be down... there's a lot of blades in seattle and boston too...
  16. soon to be fellow fort collins blade
  17. ha im glad you guys like the bud, but i want to see yours! how bout you guys from FTC? i know you guys have some dank up there!
  18. If I had a quality camera, I would for sure post some pics of the bud I got yesterday. So good.
  19. nice bud shots
  20. delecious looking dankiess man. enjoy good fellow.:hello:

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