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  1. Just thought I might share my first experience with legal weed.
    So, I travelled to Denver a couple weeks ago to see a Red Rocks concert. Pulled in late Friday and after some driving around, found a dispensary. Of course I was like a kid in a candy store as it was my first. As I pretty much smoke nothing but what "I" grow and both my common strains are kush indicas I went all in on the sativas.
    Got an eigth of 4:
    Sour Diesel
    Red Headed Stranger
    Durbin Poison
    Lavender Jones
    Enjoyed them all with probably the Durbin being my favorite although the Lavender was nice to look at. Would not buy the Red Headed again though as it was kind of a nothing burger. Sour Diesel would probably be the second choice. Buds were extremely dank and most much denser than what I grow. RHS not as dense as the other three.
    Now I know the high is different...but give me my Paralyzer and my Classic Bubblegum kush any day. Made me feel good knowing that what I am growing may not be as dense or as dank but both my strains knock the shit out of what I had out there. Going to make the same trip sometime soon and get indicas.
    Made my purchase at Lightshade and was served quite well by a knowledgable chap.
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    Got to experience legal weed in Oregon last month. Its pretty amazing, being as im only 20 i had to sit outside while my gf went in for me. Best flower I had was SFV OG and i really enjoyed the hybrid concentrate pens. Hope you had fun OP
  3. I did thanks and it just so happens that I am flying to Portland tomorrow while driving up to Seattle on Sunday.
  4. Booked a 420 friendly Air BnB in Lakewood, CO for 4 days from this Thursday to Monday. Have 2 hours before check in, going to hit a dispensary and grab a bite to eat. Your story just helps me confirm I made the right decision. I'll probably hit up a few museums and such in Denver as well during my time there.

    I need to escape Chicago for a few days and decompress. I'd like to enjoy the marvel that is Legal Pot. Maybe bring back a few vape cartridges for discreet hits on my hour long commute back home.
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  5. Cool. While there was designated smoking at Red Rocks ...there were multiple reminders that pot smoking in public was illegal. The hotel I was in had some smoking areas outside but even there technically I think you were breaking the law with anything but tobacco. Certainly found time. ;) Have a great trip...Iwill be in WA state again Thurs.
  6. How was the trip?
  7. Pretty amazing.

    I thought the main attraction would be the dispensaries, I quickly realized the weed I had sitting in a jar on my couch was probably better than the stuff I got from the dispensaries surrounding Lakewood. Prices are incredible though. I was similarly underwhelmed by the edibles - either the dosage is skimpy or I need something stronger. I'm going to try @BrassNwood 's recipe for the hash capsules. I ate most of this in one sitting and didn't really feel much besides discomfort stemming from a belly full of empty calories. My pain never went away.(pre-rolls were left behind by previous tenants)


    We visited St. Mary's Glacier, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Art museum and Nature & Science.

    St. Mary's was amazing because nobody went past the crest of the glacier but me. I went to the top of the glacier, smoked, then continued up the martian landscape up to the peak, smoked and meditated, then climbed back down where my gf and a few randoms camped out for a while. I felt like I was on top of the world, despite it being an extremely easy trek.

    Everyone was really polite and easygoing. There was very little traffic. Every town seemed to emerge from the wilderness like a hatchling poking through it's shell. I bond with nature and it was very difficult for me to leave it behind. There will be many subsequent trips.

    Finally, thanks for asking. I appreciate the opportunity to share.
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  8. Cool. Would have enjoyed it too. Fell in love with CO this summer.

    Not as fun...but I did fly into Seatac that same weekend and bought a truck from an old friend and proceeded to drive across the country with it. Stopped in Moses Lake at a place called Mary Jane's and picked up a couple grams of a suggested Strawberry Cream and a couple grams of Blue Dream. Both were very nice and certainly helped shorten the drive.
  9. all the selection is awesome but having it be priced poorly takes away from it some. once the shiny luster of picking whatever you want wears off you're still holding a sack with $20 dollar grams in it. meh.
  10. Gotta wait till 2018 for that legal weed in Canada here but the idea that legality means your paying more for less seems to ring true throughout everything I hear.

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  11. Oh fine, be the buzzkill. ;)
    If you are going for variety (which has exemplified my dispensery visits) you certainly are going to pay more. Seems though that once you get up in the OZ category the prices get more in line.

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