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  1. Is there any place online or in the Denver area that I can buy seeds or clones from? Preferably I would like to buy online just to save the trouble of getting out and driving all over the place. Mostly importantly I would like to find a Super Lemon Haze official strain from GH but they can't ship to me. Is there any real authentic places around here to buy seeds or clones? I find it a bit puzzling that we are full legal state now yet, I can not find a single place to get any seeds or clones. Thanks for the help! :Love-Plant:
  2. Have you tried looking on craigslist for clones?
  3. LOL Naw I don't do the craiglist thing.. Too many bad things been happening on there..
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  4. There is no reward without risk. You think someone is going to rob you for a 30 dollar clone purchase?
  5. I was concerned more about getting raped. LOL
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  7. DENVER Has MMJ America now working with The Vault on both Reg and Fem seeds, on both the recreational and medical side.
    I grabbed a 2 fem 6 packs of Larry OG and Purple Eclipse within the last 2 weeks. Decent germ rate, i got 4 out of 6 on the Eclipse and 5 out of 6 on the Larry in Rockwool cubes using 24 hour shotglass soak method.
    Plenty of strains already available and according to this months High Times they are claiming to be the first liscensed American breeding facility building a standalone grow stricly for seed production and crossing strains.

    I'm pretty stoked about it, they have Dank bud" FOR DISPENSARY WEED" and im interested to see what a small well taken care of batch of their strains will produce.
  8. Thanks for the links man!

    I will look into that thanks for the heads up!
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  9. Green Man on Hampden has TheBank Genetics seeds. Cool folks.

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