Denver Cannabis Cup ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by kush57, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Hello to all,  I was wondering if anyone has been to the Denver Cup can you give me some tips about getting around. The Do's & Don't...
     Where would be a good place to stay at or around.
        Thanks,  Kush57

  2. Please explain to everyone  how  your asking a fucking question about an event a long way off, is "BREAKING NEWS" tell us all, go on...
  3. removed that, people are really idiots sometimes...
  4. There are already threads on last years cup and threads in this year. Would you like for me to put it on a spoon for you to.
  5. Hey OP i went last big advice...dont stand in line for 3hrs for no reason like us...last year it was completely disorganized and you really didnt need to could just walk to the front and get scanned by one of the staff running around with their heads cut off.
    In addition, sneak/bring in drinks...the concession area was IMPOSSIBLE to get through....way to many people.
    other than that...enjoy some dabs! and bring $$$

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