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Denver/Boulder 420

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by terrorstorm, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. so, stoners and pot-heads alike. the next major holiday is four-twenty (like you needed me to tell you)

    anyways, i live in colorado... and i want to smoke with everyone on the twentieth of april.
    4:20 am in boulder
    4:20 pm in denver

    if any of you denver smokers wanna smoke, then we will.

    i have a shirt that says match me bowls on the front and back.
    so lets smoke.

  2. lol i know your probably not a cop. but look at it like this

    i live in colorado and i wanna arrest alot of stoners. so meet me at 420 am in this location and then again at 420pm at this location. lol its just something i felt like saying. bt like i said, i doubt your a cop, its just a funny way to look at this post
  3. word dude
  4. That is pretty epic. I wish i could have been there!
  5. I'm pretty sure federal law prohibiting marijuana surpasses any state or city law allwoing it, so if a pig saw you ripping a J they would probably arrest you. But it probably mostly depends on the cop.
  6. I just wonder if 4/20 this year at University of Colorado can top last years lol

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  7. I'm wondering about that too... go buffs :smoke: :D

    (fuck em up, fuck em up, go CU)
  8. so as all you CU fans would hate to hear, me and my friends from unl are tripping [ha!] up to denver & boulder for 4/20 this year.

    what all is there to do?
  9. Fuck CU (I'm at CSU ;)) 4/20 up there is awesome though, no doubt.
  10. I live in Centennial CO. I'll go up to CU for 4:20 pm, but at 11 am me and my friends are putting a car cover over my friends explorer, rolling 2 quad blunts, and then smoking the other 2 quads and an ounce in the car. It will be so baked that we'll prolly pass out hahaha

  11. Hahahahaha that's a fucking great plan.
  12. good call man
  13. Today during school my friends and I worked up the logistics to 420 plan. It's sick now!

    We'll be waking up around 3:45 on april 20 morning and right away we will be putting the following things in my friend's Saab:

    • 2 quad blunts rolled the night before
    • 2 quad marijuana butter (If we use dank shit, we think the extra THC will make up for the fact we are only using a 1/2 oz)
    • 1 and 1/2 ounce of high quality dank (320$ an ounce)
    • quad of KB for jays
    • Can of Tops tabacco for Spliffs
    Piece wise, I think we are bringing one sick Blue Dot bong, a good natural bub, and all 4 of the guys coming will bring a pipe or two.

    After smoking half of that, we are going down to Dementia on Broadway to check out the ROORs and possibly buy one. If we don't buy one we will be off to Smoke Signals for the 420 sale where we WILL buy something. I know the owner, and he will give me half off on whatevs plus throw in a sick free piece.

    From there we drive up to CU for the annual 420 pm smoke down on the north quad. We are going to bring a tarp, and get as many people under it as we can. Here's where we bust out those quad blunts, and smoke those down.

    Once we get home, we smoke the rest. Best 420 ever.
  14. i must say that i am seriously jealous of you CU students...four twenty on my campus is a little different (Indiana University). basically it consists of a lot of people skipping class and staying in there dorms all day trying not to get caught

    no big rally
    no mosh pits
    no music
    NOT as much fun as you guys are having

    But hey at least we are still getting high
  15. cu is fun and all, but fort lewis is gonna be good again. we will have a sequal to the stoner dash
  16. Im definately gonna be downtown at 4:20pm its an experience not to miss and i do it every year for the past 3.
  17. ok we want to pick up pieces while we're in Boulder. is glass cheap out there?

    if so, what are some good head shops in boulder with decent priced kick ass glass

  18. I would only recommend Mile High pipes on Pearl St and The Fitter on the Hill.

    Color the World and The Root are other shops on the hill that you can check out, but they carry local artists (Clint :smoking:) and tend to be higher prices.

    I believe 420 at Boulder will be on Norlin Quad again, my friend will be selling 420 T-shirts too.

    Can't wait! :smoking:
  19. ok now i dont know if i'm allowed to ask this here [if not shoot me an email @]

    buuuuuuuuuuuuuut we were also wondering what certain strains might be around boulder/denver in the next couple days

    seeing as how were definitely picking up out there

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