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Denver area prices.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by weedandtubes, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Alright, so I'm in the Phoenix area and I'm payng $20 a gram. I'm thinking about relocating to Co, maybe after this school year or when I get my RN degree, yes I'm a guy, don't make fun of me being a murse, I'm going for a CRNA position, eventually. ;) That whole incident in Aurora drove down home prices considerably, so I'm trying to relocate there, probably.
    Alright, so the people in the suburbs of Denver, could you tell me the average prices. I know it's a lot cheaper, but I don't know how much. Also, for those that do live in the area, how do you like it? Any of you that are going to college, which one and how do you like it? I have a feeling that after being used to 115 degree summers, snow is going to be hard to get used too haha. Any help is appreciated, this is a big step for me, so... Just trying to get info :D
  2. Colorado is amazing. You should be able to cut your bud prices in half once you get a solid connect.
  3. Get your card once you get to Colorado. The scene is huge out there
  4. I don't want to get a card, because I've heard a lot of stories lately about people being prosecuted for lying to get it. My psych said she can put my bi-polar disorder on file, which I persuaded her not to oficially diagnose, because that makes you not eligible to be a gun owner.
    I only smoke in my house anyway, I make people that I trust deliver to me. This is seriously starting to become a very possible move. I've asked a few people now about Aurora and they said they love it. They said they couldn't remember a serious crime before this one, but it still drove home prices down, a lot. I saw a 5 bdrm 3 1/2 bath with 2900 sq ft for 225k. Here in phoenix a 3 bd 2 bath runs over 250 for the most part. It's just the cold factor that is getting to me, same with my girl, she doesn't want to deal with snow.
  5. I don't live there, but wish I did. Your winters and summers will both be very different, but the foothills, where the Denver metro area is doesn't get the same snow that the mtns to the west country. That whole area is nice as is Colorado Springs. If you have the desire go for it. I didn't when I was young and am now stuck in Burnt Culvert, OK.
  6. Never heard of it ^ haha. I'm just kind of reluctant to make a move that far, where I don't know anyone, and when I just got a new job. My girlfriend is saying she doesn't want to deal with snow, but I think I'm going for it. It's just a matter of when. I'm going to finish my associates up, then transfer to a school up there for my bachelor's. I think I may go for an apartment with a 1 year lease to try it out.
  7. Well trust me if you are a half way good looking guy and have some cool in you....women in CO are mostly beautiful. There are exceptions but they have some nice looking ladies there and UT too.
  8. My exgirlfriend is from CO and I thought she was beautiful :) haha, hopefully that's a good indication. But, like I said I'm moving up there with my current and I would not do anything to purposely screw that up.
  9. Ounces are +/- $180

    Grams are $10
    1/8s are $25
    Quarters are $50

    Prices might be more or less than this, but prices are going down with time.
  10. I live in Aurora, and standard price is 10 a gram. Working on getting my card though.
  11. Holy shit that is cheap.
    Right now I'm at
    20/ gram
    55/ eigth
    90/ quad
    140/ half
    250/ zip
  12. Shit man, I thought phoenix had cheap weed.

    Colorado is a stoners paradise. Street price is 10 but at the dispensary its 6. And our weed is rumored the best in the country.

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