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Denver 4/20 Festival

Discussion in 'General' started by Lyric, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Is it worth paying $50 for the cannabis cup (one day). I'm moving from Texas to Colorado (Pueblo West) have our apartment lined up for move in on the 18th of this month.

    I've never participated in something like this before...can you freely smoke there? Anythjng free to do instead of paying $50? Budget is a bit tight, but if its worth it I'll go.
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    Sorry dblpost
  3. Yeah, from everything I've read it's very much worth it. Lots of free samples. You can smoke freely in areas. I've read blogs from people coming home from last year's with way over an O of flower,  as well as lots of concentrate and edible samples. Seems like a good deal for $50 to me! I'm planning on going to the Cannabis Cup in Portland this summer.
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    I too, want to move to Co. If you dont mind me asking, whats rent like from what you've seen? I seriously want to make this a reality.
    and 50 sounds pretty reasonable considering the experience your going to get to have. I mean, this isn't a 3D movie your seeing, its the cannabis cup. Totally worth it. Take joy in the fact that many people are jealous of where your going to be. 
  5. Rent for a 3bdrm Apartment is normally $1350, but the lady we talked to worked us a deal for 6months @ 900 lease...not sure if its normal for that to happen or not. That's the rate they charge for a 2bdrm. Its a fairly new complex with W/D in unit. Big rooms as well. Bottom floor.

    Electric is avg $80/mo for this unit and $20 for gas. Water/sewer/trash included in rent and basic cable. Heated pool and a hot tub nearby. Awesome club room, gated parking and optional garages for an extra $60/mo. Its a very nice area where we are going. We got the last unit, there are 10 other people moving in the same day we are. Crazy how fast units are going in CO. It was a lucky find for us. Most have 6-12mo waiting lists.

    And yeah, i went ahead and preordered the tickets for canabis cup. Going up there sunday! Super excited
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    They arent closing down the CU boulder campus this year i have heard, there may be a gathering there like we used to have (15 thousand people before they started shutting it down)
    that would be free...
    4/20 in the streets is pretty cheap i believe, but its actually on monday 4/20
    If i knew traveling to denver wasnt horrific on that "holiday" i would go to the cup probably... its hell just getting around here in Boulder lol
    Let us know how it was!
  8. My buddy in VA is going and hopefully bringing some treats back.

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