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Dentist appointment...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SubLiMe947, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Alright this girl i know who is 17 has a dentist appointment.

    she texted me all worried wondering if they would know if she smoked weed. She smokes like everyday.

    will she be ok? She has clean teeth i mean....

    her parents dont know
  2. no they wont be able to tell, they might think you smoke cigarettes. but that would be it
  3. Doesn't matter....Dentist can't chat about their patient's treatments or personal info to others or the patients family...if the dentist does, she could get his ass fired.

  4. Nope, if she's under 18 he is in fact obligated to tell the parents of any problems for insurance purposes and whatnot.

    I remember I knew a girl who went to the hospital for a checkup with her parents, and they tested her urine for drugs without telling her, and told her parents.

    So yea...

    But with that having been said, unless the girl had a big ass nugget stuck in her teeth, the dentist would never know.
  5. The dentist could tell her parents for her being under 18 but if a cop or somebody asked they can't tell them
  6. She will be fine
  7. We know you are your friend and that seems like a 17 year old question.. but no you cannot tell if you smoke Mary Jane by looking at someones teeth lol. They will ask about cigs though if your teeth are super yellow.
  8. Please tell me where it says OP is 17?

    No where?

    So i suggest you GTFO.

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