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Dental floss/ Hemp wick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BMORE HiiiGH, May 12, 2011.

  1. So I've heard that dental floss is a pretty good alternative for hemp wick...Is there any truth behind this, never tried this?
  2. I don't know. I'd test it out, but I don't have any floss. The importance of flossing is a myth perpetuated by dentists because they hate us and want our gums to hurt.
  3. I don't have any floss either or I would of tried it out...
  4. Doesnt seem like it would work at all... Its so thin and theres not much to stop it from burning real quick,

    Ill look for some test it and report back soon....
  5. Myth busted...

    It only melts
  6. Whats hemp wick? Never heard that term before.
  7. 1) it will melt
    2) Why would you want to? if it worked you'd be inhaling burnt plastic fumes or what ever it is lol

  8. I wouldnt give any of my info to that sketch looking site tbh....

    and hemp wick is pretty cool, i used it when i was dry on lighters, but its a pain in the dick to keep relighting and putting out, end up with burnt/ashy fingertips after every session. i mean it is cool, but nothing i would use on the regular.

    its like, quality beer tastes nice, but most cheap stuff does the same job. so why use more money for the same effect. why get ashy and burnt up, when the bic does the same job...
  9. if you smoke w/o a bic, you're saving your lungs a bit

  10. whats wrong with bics?
  11. There was a 5+ page thread that had this link and every person in it tried it and got there free hemp wick like a week later...

    They even email you back and tell you when its shipped out.

    And there isnt really any ash or anything
  12. can anyone else confirm if that site is legit?
  13. Me. I got the free sample a while ago. Then order a 20ft roll and later a 50ft. Always came through. They have the best customer service ever.
  14. sounds nasty, you would be inhaling plastic and that minty shit that is on it.
  15. i had tried the free sample as well...its legit
  16. Yes. completely legit.

  17. How much do they send you? is it the little one or the big one in your picture? probaly the little one lol

  18. It's the little one. I bought the big one (20ft) for less than $3.00 delivered. They sent a couple samples with my order.

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