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  1. What determines how dense your buds are? Is it just a strain thing or curing or what?. Im tryin to grow some fluffy shit.
  2. has a lot to do with the strain... but amount of light and co2 i'm sure play their roles too... but why would you ever want fluffy buds? fluffy = weighs a lot less, a lot less smokable product.....
  3. Yep - largely strain dependent.

    Once you have sufficient light to make sure the plants develop nice big colas, it's pretty much down to strain. In my last grow I had some white rhino which were solid as a rock, and some ice and super-skunk with fluffy light buds. They were all grown under the same conditions.

    I like solid buds - they usually produce more weight of bud than the fluffy ones. That said, the solid buds are generally a slight more harsh smoke (tougher on the lungs), and the lighter fluffier strains ofen have more taste to them. I guess it's nice to have a mixture...

    Sativa strains tend to be lighter and fluffier, indica strains tend to have more solid buds.
  4. Im not tryin to sell it so weight doesnt matter that much to me. It it a sativa so thats good news. My babys just drooping from some transplant stress. i hope she makes it.
  5. if lights, nutes, soil, temps are all right, then it's dependant on the strain.

    little light makes popcorn buds.

    phosphorous makes buds denser, or at least i think so. i could be wrong on this one.
  6. Or clip the tops :) but what do i know :)
  7. care to explain any further?

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