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Dense vs. Fluffy bud.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by THEderz, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hello Folks,

    I was just curious. What's the difference between dense and fluffy bud? My dude usually has pretty dense bud about 80% of the time and fluffy bud 20% of the time.

    I just picked up a sack from and this stuff is fluffy but it is super sticky. My steel grinder has a hard time breaking it up. It's good shit. I have a mini hookah that I turned into a bong and it only takes about 0.3 to get me stoned.

    haha I don't know.
  2. Mmmm. Dense is heavier...? Usually dense is better to but u can still get some firey fluff
  3. Generally speaking the higher end stuff will be more "fluffy"

    But-- you can get some stuff that seems fluffy which is just leafy actually, no meat on the bone. The best way to tell is of course break it up and is it sticky. You said yours was some sticky ick so congrats. :hello: bet you're blazed right about now..:smoking:

    Anyway, Sometimes you can get some dense nugs that are what i call densely-sticky ...its like they are dense because of the syurupy stickyness :D this is my favorite kind-- because the fluffy stuff seems to burn fast.
  4. I prefer dense bud personally. Seems to be a more potent and satisfying high, most of the time. I like it when i get a tiny bud out of my bag, and it turns out to be 2 bowls worth after grinding..

    Like ^^^ said, I've gotten too many fluffy strains where the "fluff" was mostly leaf, but crystally leaf. I'd rather be smoking fluffy dank than nothing at all though, I don't discriminate.
  5. i find indicas are usually more dense, and sativas are generally more fluffy. I prefer indicas at night, and sativas during the day.

  6. Dense herb weighs the same at for instance 3.5 grams, as fluffy herb... that's weight (unless you meant 'heavy' as in the quality of the stone :p ). :)

    Density can be strain and/or environmental.... some strains naturally produce airy buds, sativas are often airy and indicas can often be dense although it's not necessarily the case 100% of the time; and too much humidity for instance can cause a plant to produce airy buds with more stem and spacing, in self-defense, against stagnation/mold. Of course fluffy bud can also be squished and bricked, sometimes quite convincingly, to appear as though it was naturally dense.

    Each kind can be incredibly good and dank, or disappointing... it's the luck of the draw. :p
  7. Denser buds usually mean they are healthier. Not always...but in most cases.

    I prefer in the middle. Not too dense, not too fluffy.
  8. BKS knows all !
  9. I like fluffy dense buds, if that makes sense.
  10. I prefer the dense kush. My guy got sum dense ass kill like 2-3 little ass nugs = a gram. I always call him short on it because it looks skimpy as fuck but when I weigh it, it's always a 1.0 sometimes 1.1
  11. Fluffy can = leafy ..which sucks. I hate when I have to pick up leafy bud, it just doesn't burn as well
  12. I agree that fluffy doesn't burn as well. Well as far as the high goes it's delightful, if you catch my drift ;) but in all honestly, this is some good fluffy bud guys...
  13. I dont care, as long as it smells nice, tastes nice and does its job im happy.

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