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Dense Nugs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smell That Fish, May 30, 2009.

  1. I just picked up a five buck from my man, and he usually gives me some good shit
    But this time, I get it, and its these 2 nugs, and they're real hard. Are they dry or some shit?
    They dont smell to dank, but still, they got a lil' stench. But yeah, are they dense, or dry? is all im saying.
  2. You should check if they are dry by feeling them out. If they aren't sticky and feel pretty dry when you break it up, it's probably not dank. Two nugs in a 5 buck bag sounds like you got some mids. Are there any "crystals" or hairs?
  3. Yeah they're not very sticky, and i can see some crystals, but the nugs are reaally hard, like when i squeeze one its hard as fuck. Does that mean i got some shit weed?
  4. In that case you probably got some dense beasters instead. You probably won't find any on mids, unless he gives you some pretty high mids. Is the smell potent, less potent or different?
  5. if you can get one bowl out of 5 dollars, dont complain about how much it is, b/c now way can a nickel get you two sessoins. But if its dense, use a grinder. Comes out to a lot more than doing it by hand,
  6. The smell is less potent, and High Times I know man, just wondering what i got here lol.
  7. Yeah if it's less potent/less crystals you probably got beasters. They're usually compacted anyway. The only way to really figure out if it's good or not is to smoke it.:smoke:
  8. Mostly dro is dry and hard that u cant even break up! Or u just got some shwagg for $5

  9. I didn't know nickel bags still existed haha.
  10. that they do good sir.
    And It can't be schwagg, looks too good.
    Doesn't matter im bout to go smoke it anyways, if its good its good. :smoke:

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