Denny's is awesome

Discussion in 'General' started by bigdub7487, May 28, 2010.

  1. i had all you can eat pancakes today. there was a bet on how many i could finish. i finished 9 pancakes. they start u off with 3, then plates of 2. i new i could finish 9. i only won 50 cents but it was worth it!!!! hahaha. oh, and i had a side of toast. waiter told me he had a big huge dude eat 9. i felt good knowin that i was prolly half that dudes size. and no, i wasn't even baked.
  2. All you can eat pancakes FTW. :yummy:
    I had 17 at IHop over a year ago... BEAT THAT lol
  3. damn man that sounds good as hell! i have been to denny's 2 times in my life and all i've had are some cheeseburgers. i'll remember to go there some day.
  4. one down the road from my girls house. a.u.c.e. for 4 bucks. pretty solid.
  5. i will smash that pancake eating!! was it just today or what???
  6. it's their new promotion; meals for 2,4,6 and 8 bucks
  7. is it 8 dollars for unlimited pancakes then?
  8. two dollar biscuts and gravey....
  9. 4 bucks
  10. You won 50 cents? You can't even buy gum with that :( fail

    And I didn't know they had all you can eat pancakes today :mad: fucking bullshit the best things come out when I diet. :mad:
  11. it was just a goof bet. donated that 50 cents to the special olympics
  12. You only think Denny's is awesome because you haven't been to jamesh's.
  13. i think denny's is awesome becuz it's 3 blocks away and i can eat all the pancakes i want for 4 bucks. if that's not awesome then what is?
  14. How long is this going on? 4 bucks? Wtf.
  15. I've already explained this. jamesh's.
  16. Oh Denny's, so many high-school memories. Went there countless times with the phonies that were my classmates. Fuck them, especially that one girl.
  17. i hate phonies bro.

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