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Dennis Kucinich PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by prometheuspan, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Dennis Kucinich supports legalizing the medical use of marijuana. Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana has graded the candidates' positions and given only Kucinich an A+. Read more here:

    The overwhelming majority of Americans support legalizing medical marijuana. Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, and Oregon have adopted measures to allow patients access to this beneficial drug, which has been found to provide broad-spectrum relief from a variety of ailments. Patients suffering from cancer have discovered that marijuana reduces pain without the myriad side-effects associated with many conventional painkillers. AIDS sufferers report that marijuana effectively counteracts the appetite loss and nausea associated with HIV drugs. In addition, marijuana has shown promise as a treatment for glaucoma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and post-polio syndrome. Containing over 400 different molecular compounds, the marijuana plant may have other beneficial uses waiting to be discovered by researchers.

    Unfortunately, the current administration has chosen to ignore the vast potential of medical marijuana in favor of intensifying the destructive “war on drugs.” Most medical marijuana clinics are non-profit collectives treating terminally ill patients. Currently, the DEA raids marijuana clinics, destroying property and arresting patients. These actions are an extension of a punishment-based approach to drug policy that favors large-scale incarcerations. Our nation already keeps nearly half a million drug offenders behind bars. At a time when the federal government should be focused on the threat of terrorism, it makes no sense to waste manpower and resources arresting and jailing doctors and their patients for practicing a proven alternative medicine.

    A Kucinich administration will formulate drug policy based on a rational examination of scientific evidence. Two main goals of a compassionate health care system are the treatment of disease and the alleviation of patient suffering. A growing body of evidence suggests that marijuana has vast potential in both of these areas. Therefore, the current policy of categorically rejecting marijuana as a legitimate medical treatment directly opposes these goals. As president, Dennis Kucinich will issue an executive order allowing marijuana for medical purposes, effectively ending DEA raids on medical marijuana patients and their providers. Disease sufferers should not have to turn to dangerous black markets to obtain this beneficial drug. Instead, doctors should be free to prescribe marijuana and marijuana-based medicines to their patients as needed to treat illness and manage pain. This will be an important step toward joining our friends in the UK, Spain, Germany, and Portugal in moving away from criminally-enforced prohibitions that divert resources from domestic projects and distract law enforcement officials from critical national security issues.
    the old foagies at the discussion site are driving me insane!
    please come help support the presidential option that is FOR

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