Denmark: “Free City” Drug Dealers Go On Strike

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  1. Denmark: “Free City” Drug Dealers Go On Strike
    Mon, March 31, 2003

    In protest to discussions on bulldozing Copenhagen's Christiania alternative "free city" where soft drugs are openly available, drug dealers took novel action last week by going on strike.

    Some politicians, mainly from the ruling center-right Liberals party, have called for the 30-year-old settlement to be demolished to make way for an urban renewal scheme.

    "All trade has been stopped since this morning and we do not know how long this strike will take, maybe days, maybe months," Pernilla Hansen at the Christiania information office told Reuters.

    "We want to show the government that an open market for soft drugs is better then forcing people on to streets where much harder stuff is sold illegally," she said.

    The 75-acre former military compound bordering a picturesque area in downtown Copenhagen was occupied by squatters in 1971 and declared an autonomous "free city".

    With a population of around 1,000, it is one of Copenhagen's most popular tourist attractions, visited by about half a million people a year, many to buy soft drugs such as cannabis.

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