Denied service at convient store. Lawsuit?

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  1. So I went into a convenient store yesterday to pick up a black and mild.

    The lady ask me if I'm 18+ and I told her yes. She then gives me an evil look and ask to see some ID. So I pull out my valid UN-expired state issued drivers license.

    Upon visual inspection of my REAL drivers license, she ask to see something else with my name on it.

    confused I asked why my ID would not suffice enough to purchase my cigar. She kept telling me they wont let me use this. I kept telling her thats its a real ID.

    So I give in and give her another form of picture ID that was issued by a state institution. She looks at it and then tells me none of the IDs I gave her would work.

    I was dumbfounded. I do look young but I have never had anyone even question my license before.

    I tell her to scan the license and run my DL number. she refuses to do this and tells me "they wont let me" I asked what "they" won't let you do. She just kept repeating over and over "they wont let me use these, they wont let me sell to you."

    There were people behind me in line and the whole thing just really embarrassed me. I felt horrible, im already somewhat self-conscious and to stand there and be belittled when I was within my rights to purchase the cigar greatly affected my emotions.

    So today I was still feeling down about the whole thing, how much it really hurt my emotionally to be discriminated against, unfairly.

    So I emailed headquarters of the shop and told them what happened. I requested a statement from them, pending legal action.

    Just to see what you all think about this. Do you think any of this would stand up in court? Today is Sunday so no law offices are open but I just want to get some input. I honestly believe I was discriminated against. I produced what is required by law to purchase tobacco and was turned down.

    I feel like she was discriminating against my age and gender and she was imposing her beliefs that tobacco is bad on me.

    Am I crazy for feeling like my rights were violated? Could the claims of discrimination stand ground in court? If so, do you think I would be able to seek reparation for emotional damages for being embarrassed in front of other the other patrons in line ?
  2. convenience store, you mean

    also, just go to a different store. fuck that store
  3. No, not crazy. You're right. Fuck bitches get money!!!!!
  4. shoulda just called the cops, they woulda probably made the lady sell it to you by validating your license

    but dont waste ur time or money going to court lol
  5. tl;dr.

    Private business has the right to refuse to do business with anyone.

    You have the right not to shop there.

    End of story.
  6. Lol, shoulda called the cops? Haha, just go to a different store, this shit aint worth goin to court for.... I'm sorry you're emotionally scarred from this traumatic experience.
  7. Dont be so butt hurt about it.I wouldve said fuck you,and then walked out.Just dont go back to that place.
  8. Burn it to the ground.
  9. shoulda just told that bitch to fuck herself and left

    not a big deal one less customer for them
  10. You must have a pretty dull life to still be worrying about it.

    Not trying to be offensive. But most people wouldn't keep thinking about the situation, they would just leave and never go to that store again.

    Personally, I would have just called her a dumb bitch or something and left.

    Wouldn't that make you feel much better then going through a long legal process for something so trivial? You'll most likely get nothing.

    In my opinion you should just forget about it and get on with your life, its not a big deal at all.
  11. probably wouldn't hold up in court you can definitely complain and maybe get free stuff though:devious:
    Even though it was probably only that one cashier that wouldn't do it I would not go to that store again just so I dont run into her.
  12. Next time someone embarrasses me I'm takin their ass to court.
  13. Ya, sue there ass for all the emotional trauma of embarrassment.

    Made OP feel like less of a man. I hope the bitch cashier gets the same charges as Lorena Bobbit.
  14. fuck the cashier! You shouldve asked to speak to a manager and filed a discrimination complaint with the manager. Her ass couldve got the boot.
  15. No, they maintain the right to refuse service man, a lot of business' do.

  16. why dont u go to ANOTHER convenient store....and purchase it...if ur over 18 it should be no problem right?????
  17. Anyone else lol?
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    It's their business. If they don't want to do business with you, you are going to sue them? Get real man.

    If it were my business, I would rather lose 40 suspicious customers than get a fine for letting in that one government mole.

    yes and very much so.
  19. You can't really be serious..come on
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    Yes burn it to the ground. Or kill that lady.

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