Dence Bud become loose bud and growing new green Leaves

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  1. Anyone experiencing the colas that are dense and then go's softer and growing new green leaves?

  2. Pics please. You may be re-vegging!

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  3. It's outdoor how can it revegg? I'll try to get some pic.
  4. It may just be foxtailing and/or going past ripe to look like that. Pics really would
  5. The thing is a lot of peoples plants are like mine it'll be dense and then a week or two it'll soften up while it's ripening. I don't think it can reveg like 1220 said and I'll try to get a pic tomorrow.
  6. So you already know the answer? That's not usually how buds work, man.
  7. No I don't know the answer as to why it goes like this.
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    You can't really tell by the pictures the new leaves would grow covering all the buds and it'll be way looser than before and they don't dense up again. You'd have to feel to be able to tell it. These are Pineapple Kush

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  9. Sounds like a light problem maybe, how much light are you giving her?
  10. first off its not even close to ready. let them grow.
    What are you feeding? A high nitrogen veg formula?
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    It's outdoor grow so I can't control the light.
    I'm feeding them with Maxsea 3-20-20 and Beastiebloomz with Molasses. They are done I check them with a scope all the hairs are brown and the trichomes are milky. Then the new leaves are growing all over the buds that's why it looks like it's not done and it softens up the buds. I know that it'll always grow new leaves but it shouldn't be like this it looks  like it's revegging but how it's getting less than 12hrs of daylight? Trust me it happen to me last year and I didn't harvest them and I let them go a bit more to see if it'll harden up but it never did and I don't know why it's happening like this and I had to throw a bunch of them away and last year I was feeding with Floranova. A lot of people that I know happens to their plants it'll harden up and in few days and then it'll start growing the new leaves again covering all the buds and it loosen up the buds looking like it's just starting to flower and when it's harvest and dried the bud is very airy because of the new leaves forming like it's revegging and when it's trimmed it's all green like the picture above. I'm gonna feed the dry koolbloom and see if it'll harden up my other plants.
  12. There's nothing unusual about those buds. Looks totally normal to me.
    The pic looks good but you'd have to feel it to be able to tell the weight difference. It's like this the buds are solid and a week later it loosens up the new leaves will cover up the buds and I don't know why.

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