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DEMO's Official Pickup Thread (Starting 10.6.10)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by demo420, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Shit give me 800$ I'll have you pounds. If your just growing 2-3 at a time you could grow good with 100$ in supplies

  2. Lol really? I want to grow good shit though, if I ever decided to. Like some real GDP or some shit :smoke:
  3. 10-12-10

    Some more (1.9g for $30) of that OG Kush :smoke: so great I'm super chopped right now :smoke:

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  4. Some super kiefy no-name stuff:smoke:

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  5. Picked up 2.4g for $40 (smoked a bit and some is in my grinder) of some super skunky smelling weed, this stuff smells more than any weed I've had in the last 6 months. Not sure what it is, feel free to post:smoke:

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  6. Some sour shit :smoke:

    Can't wait to start my grow so I can say fuck the prices :rolleyes:

    1.7g - $30 (I smoked a bit before this pic)

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  7. Awesome that you used the MPC as the backdrop!!!

  8. Seriously... Check out the Jardin DR60... 2 ft x 2ft... and stash it in the closet. If that's too big you can always go with the same setup I got and expand later. I'm trying to work it out so that I can go straight to flower from clones I pick-up... No veg time will save me at least two weeks.

  9. That's legit man you should get a thread started on that I'd like to see!

    As far as the DR60, I was actually thinking about the 4x4 DR120... and grow like 4-5 plants that would be ideal. Your cloning idea sounds interesting though like I said keep us posted on that:smoke:
  10. Nice... In the 4x4 you'll be able to grow monsters. Pounders.
  11. Don't you just hate Minnesota prices? I can't stand them! 30 half eighth, 60 eighth. It's outrageous.

    I'm actually picking up an eighth of green crack tonight for 50. I'll post some pictures

    Anyway, some dank ass bud man! Looks tasty :D Enjoy that shit :smoke:
  12. Yup that's exactly what it is in MN... 30 a half.. 60 an eighth. Depending on where, some places in MN for "really good shit" fuckers try and do 35/70. Terrible. Quads for 100-120, Half O's for 200-220, Zips for 360-400.

    I can't wait to start my grow:eek:

  13. I checked it out, damn that shit is dense! I've had Green Crack before, but that was when I was living in Minneapolis. I'm more north now ^.^ (still in MN though)
  14. Haha yeah. Green crack is one of my favorite strains :smoke:

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