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DEMO's Official Pickup Thread (Starting 10.6.10)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by demo420, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Hello there everyone:smoke: I figured since I'm new here (or am right now 10.6.10 :p) and I tend to pick up good weed often, I shall start my pickup thread XD

    As some of you know I picked up that QP of schwag/mids awhile back (see "Picked up a QP... Of Schwag" thread. So I decided I'm going to make QWISO hash with most of that and sprinkle it on bongs and shit (I will post pics of the process) Until then... I needed some OG Kush :smoke:

    Idk if I was used to smoking that schwag for the past few days or what, but I smoked a bong of this "OG Kush" (someone tell me if you don't think that's what it is, that's just what I'm told) and it had be SO fucking high. Higher than I've been in a long time, and I've been smoking for 3-4 years. Anyways, enjoy :smoke:

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  2. I wouldn't say it doesn't look like it, but without actually putting it under my nose it's a hard id. The one thing I always noticed about OG Kush is the crazy network of tiny stems that hold the bud together. I always thought that was odd and definitely noticeable to me in og strains.

  3. Ooh okay. Yeah I've smoked it before also and I can't remember exactly what it smelled like, but the high is so great. I smoked a half a bong (before getting my stitches out at the ER lol) about 45 minutes ago and I feel so great. I'm thinking it really is OG:smoke:
  4. Fuck yeah mane, thats some straight FIRE! Names are usually just bullshit the dealer says, ya know? But yeah man very nice. How much did you get? and how much was it? Smoke a bowl for me brother :cool:

  5. Ah hell yeah it is man, I just got 1.9 grams for $30.. actually $29 because I had 4 one's and couldn't get another but he didn't care ahaha.

    I will smoke a bong for you right now :smoke:

    Seriously though, like 3 bong rips of this shit has me gigglin, I'm lovin it
  6. Damn good price bro, that shit would go 20 a g up in the QC. Haha yeah toke it up brother! :bongin:
  7. Update:
    -This weed burnout is insane, but it feels so good :smoke:
    -The munchies are absolutely inevitable
    -At times laughter is controllable (after 1 full bong and 1 full bowl)
    -Very very relaxing :cool: :smoke:
  8. I had to pick up another "dime" (1.7g) for $30 of this OG Kush, so flame I love it :smoke: this weekend I will be picking up even better yet so I'll post pics asap :cool:

    OG Kush

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  9. Thank you sir :)
  10. Ounce of (no-name?) dank:smoke:

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  11. Very nice, wish I had the money to pick up zip's of quality. :)
  12. Smoke report of last oz:

    -Definitely more of a sativa high than the OG Kush
    -Not much burnout at all
    -Very heady :smoke:
    -As always, munchies like a bitch
  13. Had to pick up another half-eighth (1.9 grams) of OG Kush for $30 :smoke: soooo good with my bong :cool:

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  14. Great bud and better price. Very nice mane. :cool:

  15. Thx man :cool: yeah, I like to put the price every now and then to compare what other people pay. This isn't bad, but I really wish I had a good* EDIT: better:* hook-up for larger amounts (I pay $190-$210 per half, $385+ per ounce :eek:)
  16. Yeah I feel ya on that bro. I really wanna start getting a grow going sometime in the future so I can say fuck the bullshit prices. Ya dig? Plus you dont pay too bad of a price. I was paying 420 for a egg back in the day haha.

  17. Really? Damn I've never paid that amount- and yeah I feel you on the growing. Only thing is I can't find any roommates in a house or apartment that would be cool with it :confused:

    Also, picked up some no-name Cali buds today, will take macro pics when I get home later in the afternoon :smoke:
  18. I feel ya mane. The thing is, you dont have to tell anyone. Grow in your closet and put a dead bolt on that bitch haha. Dont ask, dont tell. :cool:

  19. Lol damnnn that would be sick.. think eventually it would reek though? it'd be perfect to just do like 2 plants in the closet haha. I know there's millions of threads on this but isn't it relatively cheap to buy all the supplies to start growing? Maybe $700-$800 for 2 plants?

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