Demonic manipulation and The Media

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  1. It seems like the more I watch TV or listen to the radio, the more references I spot politicising that famous Evil deity, Lucifer.
    [ Shining one /\ Morning star ]
    I wish I could take the time to point out every little hint and link but I can't digress. :smoke:

    Listen to any top chart song, and recall how many times you hear them speak of; Light [Lucifer], The Sun [Lucifer], Angels [Fallen Angels, LUCIFER], Waking up [Illumination], Magic...spells, The Sky falling, fire...etc.

    This shit is so repeating it's annoys me how nobody else spots it.
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  3. whiterun house! maybe ill play some skyrimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm update yeahhh havent played it too much but have it hahahahahh

  4. yeah man it was good times. dark brotherhood was alot of fun
  5. Trust me, alot of people notice.
  6. This is just fucking nonsense.

    So nobody can sing about the sun anymore without it being a reference to Satan?

    Maybe you should brush up on your Old Testament: Lucifer wasn't evil. He played a role, crafted by God: that of the prosecutor in God's court (life).

    Lucifer didn't become "evil" until Greek Hellenism mixed with Judaism and made Christianity.
  7. I do believe you're on to something shawski, but you took a wrong turn somewhere.
    [ame=]Bill Hicks - Satan In Music - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=]George Carlin -"Who Really Controls America" - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Well The prince of darkness seems to be behind this trash too.

  9. I'm just glad I don't listen to shitty music.. I kind of avoid the whole "satan worshiping" thing.

  10. Damn straight, I thought I was the only one here who knew this.

  11. Please, don't derail my thread.

    Lucifer = Shining one = Light/Sun = Iluminated

    Google 'Sun Worship" and get back to me.
  12. What's wrong with a little sun worshipping? I myself like to get out in the morning to watch the sun rise over the Connecticut River Valley, maybe do a little praying, maybe sacrifice a virgin here and there. No biggie.
  13. heaven forbids you to worship the sun, which without it you wouldnt be alive. you satanist heathens
  14. [ame=]Merkaba - Solar Ohm - YouTube[/ame]
  15. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']

    Damn straight, I thought I was the only one here who knew this.[/quote]

    I think it's because you, like me, are a Jew. We aren't weighed down by this idea that there's some evil entity lurking in the shadows out to get us.

    It can't be found in the Old Testament. It's purely a Christian invention.

    God says "I form the light and create the darkness. I cause peace and evil. I, the Lord YHVH do all these things."

    And he says this in Isaiah, precisely where Satan is called "the bright and morning star" and the "son of the morning."

    So it's not a proof text that one can use to say "see Satan is evil!"

    After all, the Hebrew HaSatan just means "the accuser."
  16. What is responsible for the fall of mankind in the Old Testament?
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    What's the reason for this? Even if you claim the people in charge of the media are devil worshipers, what is the point of dropping around little symbols? I'm not looking for something like "That's the way the illuminate works". What actual occult reason is there? Do you think it's part of a ritual or just a message of "Hey, we're out here"? Do you fear said ritual?

    I see a lot more stuff like sigils and runes in business and advertisement than 'illuminate' symbolism in the media.

  18. what if the Illuminati use sigils and runes?

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