Democratic National Convention Medical Marijuana Plank

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  1. The DNC has announced that one of the planks for the Democratic policy platforms is going to embrace gay marriage. That's fine. I have no issue with that at all. However, I feel that that they are missing out on connecting with a large portion or the population by not addressing Medical Marijuana. This is a much more important issue for the nation than gay marriage, but that group is very vocal and out front getting attention. The health of millions of Americans is at risk. President Obama stated that he would loosen enforcement which happened for a while but now his administration is reversing that policy and intimidating those who have abided by the regulations. They should have a plank approving Medical Marijuana and changing the Drug Schedule to remove marijuana from the ridiculous Class 1 drug. We need to make some noise soon. I have sent an email to the White House stating the above. We need more people willing to make a ruckus. Yes, they now have my email address but I don't care. I'm legal and I've already done my time for past infractions for the cause. If there is anyone who feels that Medical Marijuana has as much a place on the platform as gay marriage, I urge you to speak out. There is still time before the convention to get some action. I say "Democratic" because I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell that the Republicans would do it. :devious::mad:
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    What cracks me up is the fact that the Republicans haven't taken up the Cannabis cause. The people who allegedly have a hard on for all things free market live to make things illegal for what passes for moral grounds.

    I agree that the Dems should take up the cause.

    HELLO OBAMA! Me here. You know where you could get an easy source of funding for the social programs that the Republicans want to cut? Cannabis. It's a huge underground industry that could generate lots of revenue very quickly. If legalized.
  3. The Republicans seem to have their head up their asses when it comes to the health of everyday citizens. I don't expect the government to include it with Medicaid or Medicare, although that would be nice. All we need is recognition that it is a highly useful, renewable natural resource so that it can be removed as a Schedule 1 narcotic. That's not asking a lot, is it?

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