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  1. I stomached the last 30-40min, heard a lot of superficial bullshit, but the most striking thing was this consensus that climate change is the big boogeyman. Some people are so out of touch with reality, holy shit.

    What did you guys think?

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    While I think the earth IS getting warmer. And while I do think humans have contributed a little to the overall general warming of the planet. I also understand the MASSIVE...I mean MASSIVE amounts of energy required to change an entire planet's climate. More energy, than all power <than has, is, and will be> generated, and nukes, combined. Only one thing has the power to do that, and his name is Al Gore--the inventor of the Internet. No, the one thing that has the power to do that on a planetary scale, is Mother Nature. Every day, the amount of energy the Earth "cycles through" <for lack of better word/phrase>, is way way way way more than our energy output. Mother Nature rules supreme.

    We already know the earth goes back and forth between Ice Ages, and Warm Ages (ex: Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum). The Earth's magnetic field also moves, and also will reverse. We are in the middle of a magnetic field shift now.

    I do think we are contributing, but it's NOT the only reason. We can all be fucking/hugging trees all we want, and all driving Priuses or riding bikes, and it would not really make a dent in the overall warming trend of the earth--but just have cleaner air. <which is a good thing--don't get me wrong..even through I don't like>

    Deforestation, etc. yes, it does impact climate. Rain forests were a good regulator. (Butterfly effect/Energy Conversation Law) But, peanuts compared to energy cycles that Earth/Mother Nature.exerts. Just look at how much energy equivalent a hurricane is. It's A LOT.
    How much energy in a hurricane, a volcano, and an earthquake?

    Energy is neither created, nor destroyed, but changes forms. (Law of Conversation of Energy)
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  3. I am pleasantly surprised how the party is moving to the left. With the exception of Delaney and Klobachar, every other candidate has a platform in the mold of Bernie Sanders.
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  4. I think you're not that up to snuff on science. Must be that fairy tale anti tax world messing with your brain.
  5. Deblasio had a breakout night IMO.
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  6. Let's assume that climate change is a "hoax"...
    Everything that is proposed to combat this hoax is a positive move for the humanity and the world in general.

    From clean energy to electric cars to less pollution and moving away from fossil fuels is what we need to do, regardless of what you believe about climate change.

    Do you really think it makes sense to burn coal, deal with catastrophic oil spills, pollute our air and fight endless "oil wars"?

    We have technologies available today, which allow us and developing nations to become more prosperous, avoid deforestation, reduce waste and allow future generations to enjoy simple things like parks and untainted nature. So even if some "hoax" is the driving force behind our path into the future, what do you really have against that?

    Being stuck in the past and relying on severely outdated ways to produce energy and ruin the environment in the process is just stupid.
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    I agree with a lot with what you said. However, there is one thing that has always made me wonder. For example, lets talk about electric vehicles:

    Ok, great. We have elec. vehicles, improved range and speed, and some kinda/sorta (and will in the future) are able to drive themselves. So soon, we can be in the back seat, getting a blowjob, while the car drives itself to its destination--great.

    What about ALL the energy required to make the batteries? Batteries in themselves are not very good for the environment (especially manufacturing them). Also, what about the energy requirements as more and more people "plug-in" their cars to charge them up? If the energy required to make said electric car and to use it/charge over its lifetime still ends up being at a net loss and over-all cleaner (energy generation, pollution of batteries, mining metals, making windmills, all that energy required and where it will come from)...fine, I'm sold. I have yet to find this data. If in the long run, if yes, that overall will be less energy and better for environment, despite ALL that--cool. That's the one thing, I wonder about though.

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  9. I just watched the recap on cc daily show i could imagine how shitty the whole thing was lol they look like a bunch of donald Trump's typical rape victims.
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  10. Sexy. :rolleyes:

    * Dammit. You would think someone would have made a E. Jean Carroll "Sexy" meme by now. I'm disappointed. Someone make one for me. lol
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  11. I wouldn't suggest climate change is a hoax, it is demonstrable.

    I agree with most of what you say, many positive things can come from us being awake of our negative impact, but it is environmental not climitalogical.

    There is no reason to conflate the two, yet they do, why?

    First they have to convince people there is a problem, then convince you MORE GOVERNMENT is the solution. And when you realize the problem they are trying to push is bogus, you become dubious about the rest.

    Addendum - environmental alterations can lead to climate change but very minimal, however climate change can cause significant environmental issues. I think we would really have to try hard to have a significant impact on global climate, then again government likes to fuck around with ionospheric heaters, but that's none of my business.

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  12. sexy.jpg
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  13. Is that where they use ION radiation or something to heat up the ionsphere causing Auroras, etc? I heard the USA messed with that years ago (maybe still are- I dunno) Now Russia is playing around with it.

    *Opps, I got that wrong. HF radio waves.
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  14. Mr. Potato Head, Corey Booker, had a good night, I thought. Tulsi took out what's his name from Ohio with her military cred in a back and forth. Deblasio had his one liner, "there's plenty of money in this country, it's just in the wrong hands." Castro looked tiny next to deblasio. Booker made a face at Beto when he got to his second Spanish paragraph that was priceless. Warren was asked very straightforwardly whether confiscating guns was a good idea, and she served up a meaningless word salad. Lots of funny moments. Good first debate.
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  15. I gotta watch it. You convinced me.
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    What a shit-show.

    I feel bad for the guy on the far right end. Candidates definitely did not have equal speaking time on the prepared questions asked. Some candidates had way more interaction than others. Fine, there is not enough time. Make it like Lord of the Rings, and make the Debate 5 hours if you need to--with an intermission, so we can piss and poop all the crap you are feeding us. All the canned answered beginning with, "When I was x and x in my state." Jesus christ. Just speak from the heart. Not from memorized talking points.

    The taliban was there, is there now, and will be. Planes flown into buildings. If only a candidate asked, "Does anyone know WHY 9/11 happened?" <Hint: United States Foreign Policy> Our hands have been in other countries cookie-jars, grabbing them by the pussy for years. And, they got tired of it.

    Who built the oil infrastructure in Saudia Arabia? The U.S.A did. The Saudis and the USA came to an agreement, that with our expertise, our drilling equipment, our refinery construction and engineering, etc. that we would own a fair percentage of Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure, and still buy their oil. It was win-win for everyone. Then Saudi area nationalized it, and fucked us over. When people say, "We should have taken their oil"--there is some merit to that.

    All those clowns using the same key words: infrastructure, education, jobs. Every fucking year, they say the same exact thing, mix up the words a little, so it sounds unique, but come on. It's the same old force-fed shit over and over.

    Free college education/student loan forgiveness: So, some of my taxes helped pay for you to goto college. And now you want to forgive that debt. Who's gonna pay that? The rich? It will get shot down, and comprised so everyone has to pay into it = double shafted. To me that was like: "Ok, I'm going to fuck you in the ass. But, before I fuck you again, I'll give you a minute to catch your breath, and I'll use some lube this time, and fuck you again." Give me a break.

    Where is my bailout? They all seemed to give more a shit about immigrants coming into this country, and not giving a damn about the people already here. Hello? I'm all for immigration. I love other cultures. I love Mexican/South American food (Guatemalan Tamales with green chili sauce wrapped in banana good). I love the argument, "We are a nation of immigrants." We are. How did your grandfather/grandmother get here? "Oh she came by Ellis/Easter Island.". Which means they came to this country, LEGALLY. Despite the bullshit wait. Possible health conditions in quarantine at Ellis/Easter, "your" ancestors played by the rules, to enter this country and live the American Dream--I respect that and I respect them. Come into this country legally--Is that too hard? Yeah it might take a while. The system isn't perfect. But you aren't helping with your caravans, and putting your kids at risk when they drown in a river..I mean come on! Yes reform immigration. Make it more efficient. More compassionate. Come in through the official border. Not in the back of a coyote's truck to escape your failed country in which you and others failed to fight to make it a better one--allowing your states to be overrun by gangs, and violence. And you want to come over here--OK fine--come legally. While your at it, before you come over, tell GM, and Ford to move their factories back to the states, so they have a job when they come in to our country and so you can call it "your country" building/making things in your country--The U.S.A. Remember when "Made in the U.S.A." actually meant something? Fuck most of these jerk-offs were for NAFTA, and now they are dribbling about bringing back Jobs, etc. YOU helped cause this. (Republicans too--shared blame). For not giving a shit about the American Worker. People need to work. There is a self-worth/self respect and PRIDE that goes along with it. Take that away, and BAM--there's another suicide. Wanna treat that with our promised mental health reforms--get people back to work. They don't need anti-depressants. They need a good paying job from a company that takes care of their workers.

    Shit, before my time, I heard that back in the day, when you worked for a company, you worked there for LIFE. The company took care of you. You might have had 1-2 jobs your entire life. Now, on average, how many jobs does the average person go through? It ain't 1-2. More like 10+.

    This was a shit-show, and I feel like I was being jerked-off and not even completely. At least come back and finish the job so I can at least feel properly used.

    I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm not registered with any party. I vote for the person I feel is most qualified.

    All these idiots wanting to get rid of the Electoral College. If you're going to argue that, at least know how the electoral college works. I feel it's needed more than EVER. It was put in place to protect lower populous states from being out-voted EVERY SINGLE TIME. It makes the playing field fairer-It gives smaller states more of a voice. Not all states have the same needs/wants/values as other states. It was the same then, as it is now. A popular vote would be considered a "Tyranny of the Majority." And yeah, those rich slave owning bastards, despite all their faults, understood that. Why they came up with the electoral college. If you're gonna try to get rid of it, at least make a compromise approach--maybe, instead of winner take all, make it a split-electoral vote. The places you win are yours. The places I win are mine. But oh no--that would never happen in way. I wrote to my congressman few years ago about that. THAT FUCKING COWARD NEVER REPLIED BACK. I thought it was a fair option. No more winner take all. But you see, that would be against a lot of people's interests in "blue" California. Never-mind the fact that 1/3 voted for Trump in the first place. California is not all a bunch of Urban, freeloaders living off the welfare dime. A lot of people are self-sufficient--take care of their own shit--but if/when they might need California assistance they get shafted. The USA is a large (and beautiful) country. All walks of life. You're values might be different than mine. Some values might be the same. What works in Montana, or Texas, might not work in California. The framers understood this, even when it was only 13 colonies--Vermont might have different values than Boston. Hell our congress also designed to take this into account--the Framers were smart. Minority Whip, Majority Whip--mechanisms in place to ensure even the most "ignored" people at least get a fair say in the running of the government (granted the whips came out later in Late1800s.) How it should be. Not a tyranny of the majority. I voted for Trump. I think he's a fucking asshole. I did then, and I do now. And, I'm <most likely> voting for him again And I'm in California- MY VOTE DIDN'T MEAN A GOD DAMN THING (winner take all), yet I RESPECT it. If he loses, I'm not going to take to the streets chanting, "NOT MY PRESIDENT!", rioting, breaking public and private property. Grow the fuck up. Open up wikipedia and learn how our government works--and why it was set up in the way it is. Or watch Schoolhouse Rock "I'm Just A Bill", for a refresher (at least as far as the legislative branch) is concerned.I'm ranting, and blabbering, but GOD DAMN IT. The definition of insanity is doing the same shit over and over and expecting a different result, and I think unless the Democrats get their shit together, so their shit all smells the same--they will lose. And I'm fine with that. If they win, I'll respect that too--I have to as an American. I don't have to like it.

    Fuck. George Washington, was 100% correct when he left office: Read paragraphs 7 through 29.

    Paragraph 18:

    "However combinations or associations of the above description may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

    * He was warning us of political parties, and NOT to create them because it would erode the very foundation and ideals this country was founded on.

    ...And here we are!

    Attached is the full text. Esp. read paragraphs 7-29. I recommend you read the whole thing--You kinda owe it to him. It's very SPOT ON. Rang true 230ish years ago as it does today.

    I'm going to bed.

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  17. Andrew Yang is going to gain allot of traction tonight after the debate. Calling it now.
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    Is there a link to the debate? I'm very curious

    Edit: Starts 2 hours in.

    Christ, 10 of them on one stage. I don't know of a better way to do it. Vintage UFC-style tournament maybe
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  19. By moving to the left you mean towards socialism? I see the left going down a path where feelings matter more than facts.

    I am more and more convinced that DT is going to win another term. I don't see a Dem that can bridge the gap.

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  20. its gonna be Booker And Warren from last night, they were asked most of the questions,given most of the time, The debate was a joke, I ran out of flower and stopped watching 3/4 through.

    This is real sad

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