democracy vs socialism

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  1. democracy is supposed to be a government for the people, by the people. but there are different types of democracy.

    in our capitolist democracy, we limit government control over us, and give the controll to mcdonalds instead.

    now, the if we were socialist democrats, we would be controlling govenment nd fat cats, money would be funnled into education, healthcare, and other important things. Buisness would be making us the products we want them to make.

    life is better with socialism
  2. I don't know of a country that's truly democratic. Most countries I know of are Constitutional Republics and Constitutional Monarchies. I like a lot of aspects of socialism, though. Like fire departments.
  3. I'm supposed to value the opinion of someone who can't spell "capitalist"?
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    Dude if you're going to be a like that, this site definitely isn't for you. Probably the entire Internet isn't for you. :rolleyes:
  5. So a spelling error is a sign of low intellect?
    If Albert Einstein were to misspell "relativity" would that mean his theory is incorrect?
  6. It happens all the time with me. Ive got 100% in grammar and math, and always failed spelling, and because of it, people dont take me seriously, even though im usualy smarter then them.
  7. You're just not smart. learn history
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    Maybe you should get a bong?
  9. It's not necessarily a sign of low intellect, however, it doesn't lend to the expertise/credibility of the writer.
  10. nor does it take

    my knowlege of spelling words correctly has nothing to do with my knowlege of other things
  11. what?

    what history are you refering to?
  12. Cool another thread about how nice socialism is with no working examples of actual practice. A colony on the moon would be smarter then us, but i have no way to prove that. Im just certain of it. if humans were robots, socialism would work.
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    Fire departments, man. They work. Public education has been shown pretty effective too.
  14. right because americas current goverments works so well

  15. Again the fire department doesnt represent a socialized society.......

  16. And that makes your argument right?
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    We're talking about socialism, not a socialised society. Have to understand the topic at hand rather than make it into an argument it's not...
  18. A side note people seem to forget.

    socialism is not communism

    america will never be a socialist state

    We will have a democracy, and we still have a constitution. American socialists dont want to turn america socialist, we want the country to adapt policy that controlls buisness and gives more money and freedome to the middle and lower class.

    Its a simple change really, put buisness in the hands of the government (the people)
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    Because you can see how shitty America is by watching the news and looking at the numbers. lol

  20. these businesses are already privately owned. How do you go about doing that exactly?

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