Democracy has failed us.

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  1. Anyone feel like democracy has failed us as a society. And that we were never a government by the people for the people. The people need to represent themselves instead of sitting back and letting elected officials make our decisions for us. I am a 19 year old college student, where, who and how am I being represented in our government? When the vast majority of the ruling politicians is older white males, they can't help but be out of touch with the rest of society. Maybe if we as people had a much larger involvement in politics and decision making, things would much, much different. I only hope one day we will scrap this idea of faux democracy and inact a true democracy. :smoke:
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    Direct democracy has two fatal flaws:

    1. It's illogical.
    2. It's impossible.

    "Let us transport ourselves into a hypothetical country that, in a democratic way, practices the persecuation of Christians, the burning of witches, and the slaughering of Jews. We should certainly not approve of these practices on the ground that they have been decided on according to the rules of democratic procedure."- Joseph Schumpeter

    - The Irony of Democracy

    Basically, we are at the mercy of the ruling class... sure, we could march on Washington and kill 'em all, but we could only replace them with another brand of elites. This is why it's so important to have leaders with solid principles... and wise to give them as little power as possible.

    Plus: "You know I'm a strong supporter of a ruling class. Especially since I rule."- Clerks :D
  3. Good point, there would have to be some rules and regulations so it wouldn't be an 100% democracy. But if the people themselves voted for the issues that would be a huge step in the right direction.
  4. That's only part of the problem.

    The other problem is that the elected government is too powerful for a huge democratic system like ours. The Executive branch has runaway with some pretty hardcore powers in the last 60 years.

    The Constitution was put in place to bind the powers of the ruling class, but it has long since been ignored as "anachronical" and outdated. A goddamn piece of paper.

    "That government is best which governs least" - Thomas Paine

    Where's our common sense gone?
  5. Democracy works in small governments and local communities. There's no reason for a country to be this big, other than to satisfy a criminal power structure.

  6. It's the fluoridation of the water supply I tell you!
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    So what do you propose we do?

    You're just like those guys from Waking Life...all talk, no action.

    Edit: What is your ideal vision for the country?
  8. Democracy hasn't failed us, we the people failed democracy.
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  9. Democracy in its purest form is just two wolves and a sheep voting for who is to be dinner.

    Democracy as we know it, and try to practice, is a society ruled by law. A society where minority opinion is considered and individual rights are guaranteed and universal.
  10. thank you Ben Franklin for that contribution, maby that is why he said we have a republic.
  11. I think what the OP is asking for is decentralized government, though I don't think you really know exactly what you want, just something different. You can't have people voting on every issue, we'd be voting every day. Representatives are a necessary evil of democracy. They don't exactly represent the wishes of the people, but that's why we have elections. And, like you eventually figured out, you do need "regulations". The constitution is a great piece of regulations. For a democracy to work, we need legislators to represent the people and vote in legislation, we need courts to determine whether the legislation conforms to the "regulations", and we need an executive officer who decides what to do with things like national defense that a group (the legislators) can't really decide.

    Hey, that sounds like our system!

    What we really need is more decentralized government and a more informed electorate. The OP's idea... Not so much.
  12. This is not a Democracy, it is a Representative Constitutional Republic and there is a big difference.
  13. You're 100% right tray, I have no idea what would work best, I just know the current system isn't working. The reason why I say the people should represent themselves, is I believe we would have avoided the Iraq war, weed would be decriminalized etc. etc. I don't think it would unreasonable to have the people vote on certain bills and issues. At the very least have the people choose whether to send our own to go die in our name.... When did we as a nation vote to go to war? thats what bothers me.
  14. Got to remember that our democracies, however they are organized, started out as more or less direct representation. Seeing as the only ones allowed to vote were landowning men. Or in other terms, fairly rich middle age to old white men. In just about any democracy you see that well to do white men have much kept on to the reins of power.

    Much due to the structure and internal greasy pole of the parties which essentially ensures that a rather homogenous selection of career politicians ever reach an elected office.

    The solution is obvious, get rid of political parties. Everyone running for any office must do so as an independent where the only organizational affiliation allowed in order to run, is an ad-hoc election campaign organization. Based on issues and not a party power structure.

    If nothing else, It'd make elections a bit more lively.
  15. I still see a problem with this, politicians, will, do and will continue to lie. "Read my lips no more taxes" :smoke:
  16. Naturally, democratic government has to mature to work well.

  17. fuggin A!
  18. The only things i hate about democracy in america is the electoral college voting system and how long it takes to pass laws etc.
  19. The funny thing about the electoral college is that that is the federalist part of the system, not the democratic part.
  20. i disagree. government was formed by people working together to make life easier. you gotta remember that we're all animals, man. and the basic instinct of animals is the fight for survival. with democratic governments, we're doing a damn good job. i mean, yeah, i might work my ass off and feel like i get over taxed, but in the end of the day, theres always somewhere for me to lay my head, and i can get food more often than id ever need it. democracy has its shortcomings, but we're doing pretty good.

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