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    The third((So far as I remember)) form of Insanity. If an eternal being existed and he simply didn't remember the only thing that could bring him down is the destruction of everything, and the only way creation could happen out of the Ultimate Destructive Chaos is if instead of Explosion an Implosion on the grandest scale Universally Possible placed the entire universe in a Neutron. Now what if I said your Universe was in the way of a new Interstellar highway and was simply in the way and Explosion A wasn't even natural and your all Aliens?

    The power of the Atom lies in the Neutron which lies in constant struggle between (-) and (+) eventually even a god will think himself insane. The good thing about Dementia though? You don't remember the past 2(or more >>) Insanities, If Being A dousnt remember the hell that was..

    Peace V, Also... oops

    BTW: Gamma ray burst man..
  2. you forgot to mention the puppies.
  3. I was always king of a cat guy.. Tiger was the correct answer. Sorry bub, You lost that game, Cats were the smarter, more tenacious ((D)) Animal

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