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  1. Ill be using 8 5 gallon buckets dwc. I was going to go for a grow tent since i have room and want to kinda control the smell so i could eventually pump a carbon filter into the room. Any idea on what demensions i should get?i wanna run them two side by side all the way down my 2 400 watt lights on 4 buckets. thanks guys

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    Lots of things to consider.  #1 being budget of course.  With 400w lites you will want to keep the plants small to maximize the available light.  If you are planning to upgrade lighting to do bigger plants, then the investment of a bigger tent would be the way to go.  How quick do you want to turn your grows?
    Example...4x4 tent with res located OUTSIDE, 2 400w lights.  You could put all 8 buckets in and go from seedling to crop in 90 days.  Of course  a single 1000w or 2 600's would about double the yield in the same 90 days.  With the light available from 400w lamps, IMO, are good for cloning and some initial vegging.

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