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  1. It pisses me off beyond belief when a guy is so demanding that it just makes me feel like he's thinking I'm not doing what I'm supposed to. When in reality, I know damn sure Im not an inexperienced girl...

    maybe that's just a guys way of doing things....
  2. i dont like to be demanding of anything when im talking/dealing with a girl..
    then again i know how to treat a lady though:rolleyes:
  3. thats good, im probably just dealing w. an asshole
  4. ill never understand why some girls will always go back to the 'asshole' :(:confused:.
    not saying you are, just the girls that always go back to the dude whos cheated X amount of times, or treats them shit... theres plenty of other options out there. me for example =p.

    well in your case, maybe he just wants to feel dominate? idk,,
  5. Yes, he is the type of person to want things done his way I guess

    I try to avoid thinking they're assholes but usually my thoughts backfire, lol.
    Or i can simply just be thinking too far into so paranoid, geez

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