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  1. Does anybody else here have these? I'm really looking forward to researching why I have these and what other people's perspectives on their delusions are. I don't mean "oh i think this girl doesnt like me because of my bad breath" I'm asking the people out there who have actual been diagnosed with pychosis and other illnesses of the like.

    I keep a book on my thoughts that are out of the ordinary. I'm hesitant on giving any examples of my delusions, but I would be really interested in hearing what the other blades have to say about theirs, if they have any.
  2. I dont really have any delusions, but I would be interested in hearing about yours or others.

    But if you don't want to I understand completly.
  3. I've had psychosis happen to me before but am not diagnosed with psychosis. I know I'm not psychotic but there is the smallest trace I display from time to time and that little bit I have under total control. I can say the minute psychosis symptoms I carried were exacerbated by me drug use - mainly attributing it to alcohol and marijuana.

    Enough preamble though to your main question - yes I do have delusions. They are not anything extraordinary like a diagnosed psychotic would have. They are more like dreamy thoughts I wander off into at times when I'm just doing something idle like taking a long crap, waiting to fall asleep, walking to a far distance with just me and my thoughts.

    I just fabricate situations in my head and play them out to play with my ego and boost it. As I got older and more mature though I quickly noticed that it isn't healthy. I reaffirm that in my mind everytime it wanders into this daydreaming mode that its completely useless and if you let it will get carried away - not to mention adding smoking weed excessively at times.

    I've pretty much came over it - when I was a child it would happen a lot but I was a kid and had fuck all to do most of the time anyway so I can forgive myself. I'm dead sure everyone experiences delusions. Only some people will get carried away and some will just be full out psychotic. I've realized though that only real experiences can be true, and daydreaming about being the school football star won't get you anywhere.

    So my advice is to simply stop being carried away with thoughts like that because your imprinting fabrications into your subconscious and you will have a fucked up view on real life matters.

    If this was of no use to you please forgive me its a lot to read I know.:wave:

  4. You don't have to share them because they will not make sense to anyone in any way except to you so whatever. Just be careful if their grandiose delusions is all I am saying.
  5. Everyone has daydreams and shit. But full blown delusions (at least in my opinion) are like honestly thinking someone is out to get you, and overexagerating things to make yourself right, even though that person isn't at all.

    But I may be wrong...

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