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    Would I be delusional to think that every single idea/concept/belief that anyone has ever come up with is delusional in nature?

    Even delusion itself can be seen to be delusional.

    Isn't everything a delusion?
    I mean
    What isn't a delusion? What isn't illusory?
  2. What isn't a delusion? What isn't illusory?

    Subjective but I like it.
  3. Nothing.


    EDIT: Oh wow. That means the illusion is the illusion.

  4. Recursive looping. Fuck indeed, because now you're Fucked into infinity.

  5. and infinity = 1.


    This thread has changed my life.
  6. Sarcasm? I honestly cant tell but I'm leaning towards sarcasm. I don't get it either way. :)
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    A delusion is an idea that is wrong and wont stand up to reason. So if you believe that the moon is made up of gases and has no solid mass, you would be delusional. But yet if you looked at the moon and said "I am not clearly sure what the moon is" you wouldn't be delusional. Or if you studied the moon and samples taken from the moon and then said "The moon is at least partially made up of X" then again you would not be delusional.

    A delusion is more like believing that everything is an illusion. This doesn't stand to reason at all because the idea that everything isn't real and is actually a deception doesn't make sense. By reading this you are perceiving something your thoughts and concept of what is going on might be wrong but it doesn't mean that it isn't happening.

    If you want to argue that you are a soul peering into this world and reality and this is more like a dream then even still the dream itself is part of the external reality that you're looking from.

  8. Nope.

    Basically, with everything (reality) being an illusion, that means the illusion is the illusion, and everything simply is as it is, always (for however long that is). If everything is an illusion then nothing is, and everything is nothing, all is one. We return to the same singularity, regardless.

    No infinity, no spiral, no circle, no chakras, no third-eye, no signs, no symbols, nothing. It's all an illusion.

    :( We're just a-floatin on this big blue ball
  9. i thought the moon was made of cheese? damn

    Wouldnt it be mind blowing if our universe was not as big as our minds believe. i mean a universe could mean any size. we could be a universe in someones 'cell' . . . idk im high, that made sense to me lol

    but this thread is kick ass +1
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    Everything is an illusion. Things are perceived from the human eyes, and then are processed into what the mind wants to see. Everything should be an illusion then.

    I see a tree, and think of it as a tree. But really, that "tree" is just what it is entirely. There is no name for it. It is something that we cannot know because our minds only process it as a "tree." Which means our entire reasoning/reality is simply an illusion to what the minds perceives.

    Delusion and illusion go hand in hand. A delusion as said by Discord is "an idea that is wrong and wont stand up to reason." But if reason is an illusion, than delusion must be illusory.

    Back to the infinity = 1 theory I see. :smoking:

    I completely agree with this idea though. What I think people cannot simply do is grasp the concept of how everything is as it is. Peoples minds cannot process that as a truth, because we have a name for everything.

    In order to understand/improve something, it must be already understood.

    Heres a link to H20's infinity thread if anyone wants to know more:
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    See this is delusional, lol. You see a tree and you form a schema of a tree this is true. A schema is formed through pattern recognition. If you see a tree for the first time you have no preconceived notion of it, the second time you see it you will relate it to your old memories and the present, and so on.

    Yes light enters your eyes and you merely see the light reflected off the object. Light is part of reality, it happens to everyone who has the capacity to see. We can relate to each other and communicate the same things. For example if there was an oak tree in my back yard I could tell you about it and you could identify the same things when you went to see it.

    This is not an illusion. An illusion is when you see things that aren't there or are not real. If you saw a tree and it wasn't real it was an illusion because no actual light was reflected off the tree and no tree exists. Yet if you were looking at a real tree both you, I, and anyone else in healthy condition could identify it the in exact same manner. If you want to say that we are all looking at the exact same illusions then you're only tricking yourself because if everything were actually a dream and could be called an illusion then that is still reality itself and can not be an illusion by definition.

    Reason is not an illusion either. Reason is basically the ability to correlate or infer ideas that hold up in reality. Light enters your eye and you see the light. If you don't have brain or eye damage then you should see the same things that everyone else does. You are able to organize information from your senses and with reason you can interact with the world you sense.

    EDIT: I am not claiming that this couldn't be a "dream world" and when you die you wake up. Sure it is possible but that doesn't mean that this isn't real. It is merely a "real" "dream" then. Since there is absolutely no evidence of this not being real believing it is isnt being rational but believing that it is possible is rational because you can't say for sure that its not true either.
  12. does anyone here question that they are sitting at their computer and using words recognizable by all in an attempt to illustrate an idea to convey their sense of reality to another? we are all existing within an artificially constructed reality. that doesn't mean that the reality devoid of our construction doesn't exist. it just means that humanity has been around long enough to use our bodies in an attempt to externalize our ideas in a constructive way so that reality is objective and we can attempt interaction on a level playing field. subjectively reality can be anything you want, a tree can be a frog, but if you give that a shot in the objective reality you might find yourself called delusional and living in a very real psych ward.
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    Delusional about what a delusion is?

    Your thoughts are a delusion that you are believing in.

    And even more delusion
  14. what about what i said is delusional?
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    If any and all ideas we attempt to convey are delusional in nature, essentially only describing an illusion, then what does that say about the idea(s) you proposed?
  16. who said any and all ideas we attempt to convey are delusional in nature? delusion ceases to exist when a concrete norm is accepted, as it is within our constructed reality.

    delusion - A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness:

    we exist in a world chock full of facts able to be proven by evidence.

    i see what your trying to say but to suggest that everything is a delusion is pretty silly, considering we are having a conversation we both understand based on what we've learned growing up within the reality we exist in.
  17. Please read:
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    If you drop something on the ground you can observe gravity. Sure you can argue that gravity might not be what we think it is. But it doesn't change the fact that we can both let go of objects and watch them fall to the ground.

    There is a difference between your correlations of whats happening and actual observations. This is the reason for the scientific method. To observe something over and over and test it with different variables to attempt to get a correct correlation of what you're observing. Sure imagine you live in a reality where everything you learned is dependent on everything else you learned. Therefore since everything you learned is dependent on each other it isn't real right? Wrong! Even if you had no memories at all you would still be subjected to gravity. Proof? Every conscious being in your reality and mind is subject to gravity even the ones that have no qualitative explanation for it such as bacteria, a virus, a baby with no memories, cats, dogs, birds, people in different cultures, blind people, people with hallucinations, and everything else.

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