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  1. Peace everyone!

    I love the delta blues, a lot. But I've REALLY only scratched the surface! I heard Beck's oldest stuff, loved the style, then checked out Skip James, who he cited as an influence, and now I'm pretty much an open book, I want to know more. And I've got a long boring day at work ahead! So can you recommend me some good delta blues artists/songs? I'd appreciate it. Only 7 hours til the 5pm spliff, help make it more bearable! To get us started, here's the tune that's made me want to know more...

    [ame=]Skip James- Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues - YouTube[/ame]
  2. muddy waters
    elmore james
    john lee hooker
    lightnen hopkins
    howlin wolf
  3. robert johnson
  4. Thanks for these, I've been checking em out, perfect!!

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