DELTA 9 Grower: Master Kush/Haze 1

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by iKulture, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Somewhat of a seasoned grower. Last two grows affected by turmoil. Spider mites and >90* F temps respectively. Spider mite crop were clones and the >90* was bagseed from a ways back. Have had good success with Supersoil potting mix, horrible insect problems with Kellogg's patio plus and was kinda dissappointed in the Fox Farm: Ocean Forest....but then again, they were bagseed. At any rate believing how true it is "genetics" are the foundation of a good grow...everything else makes it magnificent. The second thing is building my own soil mix. Not my own dirt...but my own soil mix. So....seeds are on order, I've collected all the applicable ingredients for a good soil mix except the worm castings. "To be continued"....:wave:

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