Delta 9 Bong Video **Must Watch**

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    This is a video I made for a guy on Its mainly a montage collection of D-Loc taking huge tokes from his Delta 9 bong. Edited by me aka YURneighbor Studios. Plz give me some feedback on it. Enjoy!:D

    ~Watch in "HQ", High quality.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Delta 9 Bong Montage[/ame]

    AIM- MXracer1124
  2. Wow that was really good video editing, nice.
    What program did you use?
  3. sony vegas & adobe after effects. I take request on montages if you guys have good quality smoking shots
  4. Cool I just picked up Sony Vegas.
    My friend has been using it for years and told me about its amazing video editing potential.
    It does look good (well in addition to After Effects)
  5. most was done in vegas
  6. Shit is so sick
  7. very nice editing and stuff, kind of hard to keep focused on the vid for almost 7 mins though.
  8. That intro was slick.

    Video seemed too..low key? Not enough energy...I don't know how to put it. I lost interest after ~minute and I'm usually quite into bong rip videos.

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