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Delivery Services

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Breh, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So I'm always hearing about delivery services and how they're both convenient and usually good quality, but how do you find these services? Are they listed in the yellowpages or is it more like "Half Baked," where you just gotta be lucky enough to hear about the service?
  2. Yes, the YellowPages will have them.

    Look under "Weed Delivery".
  3. lol pwnt.
  4. I'm actually extremely interested in this too.. seems like such an easy way to get bud
  5. Just what I was thinking. What a dumb ass!
  6. It's called a dealer that delivers... not much to it.
  7. please use the common sense i know you have man, why would an illegal substance be advertised in the yellow pages? if weed is being delivered, it is being done so without anyone but the shipper and receiver knowing

    so yeah as said before unless you hear of it from a friend or a dealer, you wont know about it.
  8. I THINK he was making a joke. Haha.
  9. I can help you find some in SoCal. It's honestly not that hard to find a delivery service
  10. If you live in a major city and mingle with other ganja smokers me....its not hard to find.
  11. You just make connections man. Just like you find a normal pot dealer.
  12. Your all ridiculous lol. No not really
    but it's not that far fetched to have a weed delivery service in the classifieds.
    They have hookers in the yellow pages... they're called escorts
    the delivery service would just have a different title maybe?
  13. my good friend who is also my dealer delivers to me, i give him a lil extra for the hassle, but its worth it.
  14. I was in nyc last year and some guy just came up to me and handed me a "business card" which had the number for the delivery service on it, i get from them once in a while , and it is amazing bud.
  15. Daaaamn..

    I'm so stoned :|
    When i read this thread i thought it was about a food delivery service.. and i was thinking wtf who makes a thread about this..

    But now i get it ^^ :D

  16. #16 Breh, Feb 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 14, 2009

    Well obviously it wouldn't say "WEED DELIVERY SERVICES," it'd be listed as something else. Example: "Escort" services.


    Exactly what I meant for all you dumbasses calling me a dumbass. T_T
  17. go out to bars, clubs or parties and you might find one. a delivery service and a dealer that delivers is different...
  18. Uhm..You've never had your weed delivered to you?
    Not all delivery services are black dudes on bikes with a back pack..
    A lot of dealers or middle men will drive right to you.

  19. Yes and no..
    The only thing that makes them different is if you're lucky like dave chapell and your delivery man has multiple choices.

    Sorry for dbl post.
  20. Real delivery services, like the one portrayed in Half baked are difficult to find. You have to know multiple people who use it, and you have to be refered to the service and they need a permanent address and number stored in the customer base. They are picky about who they employ and usually send out clean cut whiite boys for delivery(to avoid suspicion and racial profiling by pigs). They usually give you a nice prepackaged selection of strains to choose from.

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