Delivery problems??

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by smawt_pokur, May 12, 2004.

  1. way back in december, my mother ordered alot of stuff from this site, a couple things for me (double bong and the silver palm leaf pipe), and a couple for my sisters. the first time she ordered, the people in the appartment downstairs stole the stuff while she was gone. she contacted grasscity about it and they said theyd send another at 1/2 price. they never came, the post office didnt get them. anyone else have problems like this?
  2. Moving this to the General Feedback forum. Superjoint (The Webmaster) should be along shortly to address this for you. If not, I'll contact him for you.
  3. this was a long time ago....i dont know if my mom still has the order number :(

  4. well this must have been a long long time ago, because I honestly can't remember and if such a deal has taken place I will know of it 100 %, of you have a name or email adress or best a a order #, mail it to and i can take a look at it. But it stil strange that you are coming now with it after all that time, if there was a problem why haven't you contact us sooner about it?

    let me know


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