Delivering ZA'S

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  1. Crusin down detroit where the cops are always hot I see cops tryina fuck wit me for some warreents and unpaid tickets juss waitin to bust me. so im drivin in my shitty car with bullshit plates tryina deliver pizzas im always duckin the feds because i get high all day at work and i smoke and drive at night so idk if im paranoid or what
  2. I'm not sure what you're even trying to say?
  3. there's feds in the bushes yo
  4. it's a first post, i think he's a cop trying to be "hip".
  5. so, you drive around and deliver pizza and detroit, you smoke on the job and your paranoid because you have a shitty car and your afraid you'll get busted.

    i don't see how anyone could help you, or let alone care about this..
  6. and you have warrants, unpaid parking tickets, and bullshit plates?
  7. [quote name='"imprettygood"']and you have warrants, unpaid parking tickets, and bullshit plates?[/quote]

    Lol, so obviously the first idea for a job was a delivery boy
  8. If he's not careful, Walter White's brother in law is going to cap his ass. ;)
  9. Bullshit plates? like these?

  10. This thread is only useful for postcount.
  11. Please don't make me feel more ashamed to live in Detroit than I already do.
  12. [quote name='"SuperTK"']Please don't make me feel more ashamed to live in Detroit than I already do.[/quote]

    It'd probably be hard to do lol
  13. I honestly facepalmed.
  14. detroit...cops...paranoid...
    you smoking rock or herb yo?

  15. Haha that's funny because I bet this is what those "undercover cop teams" sound like when they go online.
  16. haha yeah if people on here post stuff like how a 15 year old punk sends text messages, they are definitely cops...or they are just really that bad at having a normal conversation...
  17. yeah detroit cops have been busting down to increase revenue. no big deal. i was crusin thru downtown earlier. was rolling a jay on my lap on the freeway and we saw these 2 undos chillin in the middle it was weird. lit up the J right when we got downtown tho it was chill.
  18. fuck the 5-O yo

    all up in our grill or sutin G shiiiit we pop dem piggy ho

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