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Delivering Stuff to your dorm

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jays4life, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone I have a question because I will be going to college this upcoming year. If i were to buy something off of the grasscity store such as the herbal stuff or a bong could i ship it to my dorm or will they search it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ask your ra / upperclassman mates but i doubt they can rip your package open but every college is different usually they have that shit in the manual or booklet of policies and rules
  3. They wont. Search it? That would be illegal. That package will have your name on there not your schools
  4. Nah man they won't search your packages. Back when I lived on a campus and ordered things they would hold them at the front desk of the dorm building, or whatever area you would go to say check in a guest of yours, all you had to do was show id to pick it up. I'm sure your uni will have some similar sop.

    What school is it opmaybe some other blades are familiar with your specific school...
  5. And if it were me, I would make a practice of ordering stuff online starting at the beginning of classes, just so your GC package will just be one out of many! If the first packages (all with 100% legal stuff) get through OK, then get your stuff from GC!

  6. Pretty sure they wont search it.

    But they wont deliver them right to your door either.. I remember I would always have to go downstairs and "claim" my package in the mail room.

    seems sketchy to be ordering bongs and shit, why risk getting kicked out and moving back home
  7. when i was living on campus i had a pair of ninja swords shipped to me. haha. na man you'l be fine order away
  8. Would be a federal offense for them to tamper with your US postage.
  9. you'll be more than fine ordering stuff. i've done it three or more times this year alone and my friend has had many unmentionables sent to him in the mail from a friend at another school. you're golden, bro.
  10. DO NOT DO THIS, people get busted all the time shipping stuff to their dorm. if they suspect something is going on THEY WILL call the cops. Whether it be fake ids, or glass pipes.
  11. Right now im deciding between temple,drexel,or fordham university
  12. Did it a couple times last year. Order off etsy and it comes directly from a blower, meaning the packaging will be simple and discreet. You'll be fine
  13. Hah for what a clean glass pipe is not an issue. I've ordered many an item that has been banned in the dorms. Never any issues, unless you're considering MoM at school but that's just plain ballsy lol.
  14. They can't search the package, but if you smell up your hall too many times u may be prone to a room-search
  15. The professor speaks the truth. He's a professor
  16. Nope can't search it. They can report it to the police if its a totally sketch package with bomb threat written all over it.

    Also confirm with grasscity that they are using discreet packaging

  17. templeeeee

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