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Delivering drugs to houses?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by calumloveskehlani, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. hey i've been smoking weed for a total of just a few weeks so i'm really new but i had a few questions about personal home drug delivery. my dealer and i are really close and i know he would never screw me over or anything but just in general, is having someone drive over to your house to deliver THAT bad or dangerous since they have your address and whatnot? rn it's just him and he's only done it twice and both times were pretty spaced out and at night. i'd just come out the front door, run up to his car and run back, maybe exchange a few words, no witnesses that we're aware of. it's convenient so i was thinking of trying that with all my deals if possible, should i stop though? i'm never going to be interested in making trouble or selling or anything but just in case you know? any personal experiences or advice is appreciated, thanks
  2. Only people you trust and probably only weed dealers unless, anyone else meet them down the street or something.

    Also just don't let them know the layout or possessions of value within the house or stash spots trust me as someone from the city there's a lot of shady people out there that look for people with there guard down , but don't let that ruin your trust.

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  3. meeting down the street is a good idea, thank you!

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  4. If he is your close friend, I see no problem. However as trippy stated, I would set a meet "down the block" or a block over. I wouldn't be concerned as much with the dealer as I would be with the nosey ass neighbor.
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  5. If you don't or can't trust your own friends, then trust no one and be a private paranoid detective.

    Weed has a long history of being shunned in society since 1971 but that doesn't mean attitudes won't soon change on the real dangers in life. The world is almost ready to let go of all those old timers who created this legislative clusterfuck of penal codes that punishes nonviolent citizens who want to play with flowers because they smell nice or whatever.

    Feeling good will soon not be against the law...hopefully.
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  6. It isn't your dealer I'd be worried about, It's the neighbors. If your just buying a sack every few days, there shouldn't be a problem at all..
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  7. preach it man

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