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Delicious Purple Diesel ISO Taffy

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by splifflocked, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. What up GC Blades !! This is officially my first post. Im not really new to the city I just never got around to making an account. Anyway I want to share some awesome iso I made today out of a mix of frosty Purple D trim mixed with the contents of my "hash jar" (random leaflets and calyxes i reject for bowls an moles and save for ISO). Im not new to making ISO as its my preferred way to use up excess shake from grows or what the homies/family throw my way. I have done a few runs in the past week with terrible 2 year old material i got for free from a friend. Todays batch came out far superior with a perfect honey color when you spread it. The consistency is that of hard taffy that strings out when you poke a razor in it or touch with your fingers. perfect for makin little honey dunks :D . hope to head to a friends tommorow. Hes got a decent rig an loves dabbin some good iso. I started with about 10 grams of shake and nugget and it came out to 3 nice half gram patties. Here are some pics, enjoy I hope to get back to all of soon with either an iso or butane extraction of an ounce of fruity PD popcorn nugs. Happy Tokin!!! :smoking:

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  2. Please realize that your product is black because you soaked for way too long, if your havin trouble finding a method that gives you see through oil
    then you can get a metal or glass tube and put weed inside it and put a coffee filter and rubber band and fill it full of weed, just like a bho extraction and you put it upside down and just pour ice cold isopropyl through it.

    This method works especially well if you can get ahold of 200 proof alcohol
    If you cannot get a hold of 99%+ alcohol then just get 91% and mix with anhydrous magnesium sulfate to act as a drying agent to take the water out of the alcohol giving you 99.5% alcohol, not suitable as a drink but it will work 10x as well for making hash.

    When you do the extraction method at the top, separate each run into different dishes, you can pour alcohol through it about 5 different times and even after the fifth run that hash will be clear and still taste great

    Please revise your method or use mine it just gives me a headache to see people extract things they don't need into the product, I mean you can do what you want I'm just here to help you make a tasty stony product
  3. I should add to make anhydrous magnesium sulfate you go to rite aid and buy a pack of epsom salt and put that in a cooking dish and place in the oven at 225 degrees in the oven for about 3 hours and then you take it out and break it off the dish because it will be kinda like brittle glass and from here you take the magnesium sulfate and put it inside the alcohol and swish around and allow the salt to absorb the water then just pour through a filter and your left with basically anhydrous alcohol
  4. I have been trying to get nice clear hash, but I have yet to find any one with a process that makes it come out like that. All my friends who make it get a similar amber/black tar colored shatter. Never clear. Yours looks interesting i will try a drip iso run through a BHO sort of tube. The anhydrous magnesium sulfate acts as an evap agent for the distilled water in the 91% ? Is any residual magnesium apparent in the final product? I would love to see some pics and a more detailed tutorial on that. Thanks for the info
  5. Yes your absolutely correct the magnesium acts as a drying agent toward the distiller water and as long as you follow the steps to turn your Epsom salt into anhydrous magnesium sulfate then you will be left with no residuals and basically the only thing that keeps the process from achieving 100% alcohol is a dry environment because the fact that alcohol draws moisture from the air inside itself so it's crucial that you close your container the minute you pour it in and it will stay pure until the extraction.

    Here is how to make anhydrous magnesium sulfate from dinger ate magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt):

    Additional info and Here is how to dry your alcohol:
    "Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate heptahydrate (MgSO4 * 7H20) but can be converted to anhydrous magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) simply by heating the dry crystals at 100 degrees Celsius for two hours. Once in anhydrous form, magnesium sulfate can be added in excess to the rubbing alcohol where it absorbs the water molecules to form various hydrate crystals. The mixture of isopropanol and hydrate crystals is then poured over a filter; the collected liquid below is roughly 99 percent pure isopronanol."
    Easiest and best method for Qwiso than anything I've ever thought of and all it took was for me to look at all these other Qwiso methods and seeing as how they take hours of soaking to create insufficient product that is black and doesn't taste as good as you had hoped.

    Hope u enjoy it when u make lol happy tokin
  6. Awesome !! Cant wait to make this shit. Just have to run to the store for some epsom salt and im set. Or if I could simply find someplace with 99%. Damn you Rite Aid.
  7. I know I couldn't find 99% anywhere around where I live but this produces the same thing so enjoy lol and make sure u separate runs and try a dab of each and every one and you will see how the taste differs but still is more potent than any black alcohol goo that takes much longer to make
  8. That thread gets overcrowded because there's like 100 posts on it daily
  9. And? Whats stopping you from asking questions, searching the thread, and looking back on techs and tips?
  10. Nothing it's just a new thread calm down
  11. Calm as fuck over here :smoke:

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