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DELICIOUS Purp Wreck & O.G. Kush!! (HD Pics!)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TickTockCroc, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hey guys!

    I just picked up some Purp Wreck (Purple Urkle x Trainwreck) and some OG Kush!

    Take a look!


    Funnily enough, this seemed to have more purp than the Purp Wreck - but the purp on the OG is not really noticeable from afar.

    a very slight sweet/fruity smell, with that typical kushy-smell in the background.

    High: A. I found this to be a veryyyy great strain to alleviate pain. With the first bowl done from a bong hit, you could instantly feel, and definitely feel, your eyes getting heavier, and a detachment from reality. I've tried OG Kush before, but not indoor grown like this one. It's just great. It will put you in a nice sleep at night, but this one is not one of those indicas which KNOCK you out silly - I was able to snap out of my daze and get some important chores done.




    And now.. PURP WRECK

    This is Purple Urkle x Trainwreck. This strain doesn't have any noticeable purple colors when looking at it, but boy... let me tell you... the smell of this strain is SOMETHING ELSE..

    SMELL: Absolutely. In. Fucking. Sane. It only excites me so much, because this smells like A COMPLETE amsterdam haze!! It smells soooooo yummy, muchhhh like Super Silver Bubble. A very skunky and hazey smell, even though this strain isn't dominating in the haze variety.

    HIGH: A+. Amazing. A very uplifting and creative high. You laugh your ass off on this one. You definitely feel a mellow body stone, but its more cerebral, giving a more giggly and creative mind. Does not leave you fighting not to sleep at all - a great strain to feel indica'd out but also more awake and energetic.



    Enjoy !
    :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:

  2. shit looks greeaat
  3. Thanks man!!
  4. That purple is not a game u got right there, major props....
  5. DANKKKKKKKK:smoke:
  6. Sooo jealous. Dank shit man. Wow.
  7. whoa man, beautiful flowers!
  8. Appreciate it people! Wish I could share!
  9. AYO I B SMOKIN ON DAT SHIT TOO! Purp Train is da BOMBBBB!!!!!! I loaded up my bong of that skunky goodness it smells so fucking good i just wanna stick it up my nose and smell it all day.

    Well i took the hit and exhaled and i look down the inside of my bong and all i hear is this "choo.....choooo...." then im like huh and i see this small light and its getting bigger and brighter and wind starts blowing out my bong and i hear bells ringing and "CHOOOOO CHOOOOOO" "Chucka chucka chucka chucka"


    and then i knew, i was hit by the almighty purp trainwreck.

    Nice shit brah.
  10. nice buds, im smokin on purplewreck also

  11. greating looking buds and review +rep
  12. Nice pictures. And I definately like your comments on the bud. I totaly agree on them. I love purple wreck.
  13. love the reviews and pics. Look great :)
  14. Ironic that the OG Kush has more purple in it than the Purple Wreck :smoking:
  15. That Purp Wreck looks dankkkkkkkkkkkk. :smoke:
  16. Great pics... Awesome herb... Perfect review :D

    Pass that ish! :smoking:
  17. Thank you for the comments on the reviews! I have other stash jar posts with similar style reviews, you should check them out if you want.

    I'll keep them coming!
  18. Wow. I'm highly jealous right now. That OG kush looks great.

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