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  1. I have deleted a thread before and know where the option is. I tried with another thread of mine that has been up for a bit. The option to delete the thread is not there. Any ideas??
  2. Hello ,

    There is time limit to edit and delete threads. If that limit has passed , you can only request a mod or an admin to delete/edit a thread
  3. Thanks , how do I get in touch with them ?
  4. Mod's and tech's names are in green to make them easier for us to find them. The gcer above you, Gnik, can help you.
  5. *i wild mod appeared*

    It used "What thread do you need deleted"
  6. Blackstar led grow + stealth cab. Thank you
  7. ah shit, i have no power in the grow sections

    try reporting the thread and asking for deletion
  8. Just deleted it for you.
  9. Thanks dude. Can you go ahead and delete this one too. I'll b back soon!

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