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  2. Here's how I used to do it. It's pretty bad, but if it's all you've got, it's all you've got. It's arguably better than the pen tube and socket, because there's no way the flame will reach the plastic, but, the parts are sometimes a little harder to come by.

    -A door stop that goes "DWOINGZZZ" when you hit it (you know?)
    -A spherical bottle (probably the hardest to find, but you never know what you can find)
    -A bottle that fits on top of that to form a bubble bong shape. (I usually use a Sparkling Ice bottle)
    -Some hot glue, caulk, or some really good tape skills. Doesn't have to be waterproof (though it's probably best), just needs to be pretty much air tight.

    You'll also need a lighter and a pair of scissors.

    1. Get the doorstop and spherical bottle ready. This will be the base of your bong, with the doorstop being the bowl/stem, and the bottle being the base.
    2. Find where you're gonna poke the hole for your stem, and a carb hole if you want one. They should both be at about 45 degrees up if you've got the bottle sitting down.
    3. Heat up the small end of the door stop until it's really, really hot. You will probably burn off some finish if it has it, but that's okay. Poke this through where you've planned your hole. It should melt the plastic on the bottle. you may have to repeat the heating process a couple times to get it to go through. If you want a carb hole, poke a second hole. The doorstop should pretty much make it airtight, but usually not all the way. That's fine though.
    4. Now that you've basically got workings of a waterpipe (my friends and I call this part alone the "noseburner"), you just need to add a chamber. That's what the adhesive and the other bottle is for. Cut off the bottom of the second bottle the best you can. It helps if you have this almost perfectly clean cut.
    5. Take the second bottle and put it on top of the spherical bottle. Get to gluing/caulking/taping. Like I said, you need it to be air tight and should probably want it to be close to water tight as well.
    6. Once you've got it about as air tight and water proof as it's gonna get, just throw a screen of sorts in the doorstop, throw your bud in and get high. If you're out on brass screens, you can get away with wadding up a piece of tin foil so it fits in there.

    I recommend not using ground bud because it has a pretty good chance of falling through the makeshift screen. You'll probably be good if you're using real screens.
  3. Knife hits man! Everyone's got a knife!

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  4. I would just use apples. Even though they don't last long it's better for your health in the long run than most of the other diy pipes
  5. Go to any store and buy any pipe. Tons of stores sell regular tobacco pipes. They're new so won't have a shitty tobacco taste in them. You can buy pipes at drugstores and gas stations. Use it until you get something else. It will work, it will be cheap, and it will be safe to smoke from. But you have to be 18 to buy them too. And I'm betting it seems like you're a middle schooler again, because you are a middle schooler.

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