Deleted feedback post about order not recieved!!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by twax4real, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. WARNING! I have not recieved an order from them for quite some time now, and instead of resolving the issue, they have instead deleted a post to this forum regarding their poor service.

    Obviously they are trying to hide the fact that orders arent being filled and/or are taking much longer than the 14 business days they say it takes.

    Be Warned!
  2. We have just replied very kindly to your request via a PM, we are not hiding anything, we have just asked for your patience, if you just go the support center, this would all be solved much sooner. The forums are not the place for custumor support.

    Superjoint Webmaster


    As you can see we let your message right here on the board, I hope you will be so kind to post a note when your order finaly arrives.
  3. yeah everyone neds to relax about their shit getting to them
    im pretty sure SJ isnt out to take your money
  4. Last year, ( or was it the year before? ) I got a ceramic bong. ( Shaped like a hand making a peace sign. ) And this year I got the glass bong in a wooden box. It may have taken a little longer than 2 weeks to get it, but it was close to Christmas when they were ordered. Hang in there twax, I can almost guarentee that you will get your stuff, and you'll be happy with it. I know I always am.

    And NO, I am NOT in any way affiliated with this site. I am just a normal stoner ( If there is such a thing ) who likes to come to this site.

    So to everyone affiliated with this site, THANK YOU for the entertainment you have provided me, and thanks for the "equipment" you offer. It has proved very beneficial to my state of mind. :smoking:

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