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  2. What are you feeding it? What kind of light is it getting? What soil is it in? How much water is it getting and what are the temps and humidity like? Is that standing water on your flowers?
  3. and please don't tell me that's a clear container it's in
  4. Roots don't like light, tends to kill em. He's right i'd wrap that up with something to block the light at least. it's probably not your problem though. I'm suspecting overwatering because it looks like there's standing water on your flowers and you should never water flowers except in emergencies.
  5. When you water, do you water the whole plant or just the soil?
  6. Umm cal mag could be an issue here. Purple stems or veins are a red flag. Are you using distilled or RO?

    A cannabis phosphorus deficiency usually appears with some or all of the following symptoms:

    usually affects the lower and older leaves of the plantleaves darken (turning a dark green, blue or grayish color) and may appear shinyleaves may start turning yellow if the phosphorus deficiency is left untreated, or if the deficiency is combined with other nutrients deficiencies and/or pH problems.leaves get bronze, purple or brown spots and splotchesleaves thicken and may feel dry or stiffstems sometimes turn bright red or purple, but not always

    OP...I wouldn't go dumping any high phosphorus nutes, looks like you have other probs to fix first...and you have important questions to answer.

    What type of
    Watering schedule?

    it's most likely locked out, but you have to answer some questions op. Also do some reading there are many resources

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  8. The way those leaves look makes me think the problem is over watering.

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  9. I would safely say your problem is overwatering. Just leave her alone for a few days to dry out, I would bet money she'll spring back to life, or at least show signs of recovery.

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