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Delayed sense of touch

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by polovegas, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. When I was 15 I smoked some what I'm assuming was sativa I smoked alot and for 4 days after everymorning I would wake up fine but after 10 minutes I would start having a delayed touch feeling everytime I go to touch somEthing there is a delay like it would not register for a second. I smoked sour last night and the sour diesal put me into this delayed touch trip again I'm assuming it is going to last another couple of days since I was 15 ive had maybe 5 flash backs of this feeling in 15 years anyone else ever go threw this?I'm sticking to indica it never delays my feeling of touch like sativas.....

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    oh this is a NEW little scary pot story....
    includes the marijuana flashback spin...
    NEW account too...imagine that...
    anti mj/mmj propaganda groups are working overtime you know.
  4. it's called getting high bro
  5. Hey OP...Dinosaurs also had delayed signals to the brain.... So much like them you are probably on your way to extinction. Tell Botticelli I said fuck him too! Where the fuck are all these people coming from?

    @[member="cball"].... are you paying these fuckers to troll here just to fuck with us? Lol..
    i do believe some get paid...
  7. This is a true story
  8. Somehow sativa screws up my sense of touch Ive read this happening to other people to i was just looking for some advice I'm not a troll 
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    if you werent just lying, the answer would be go to a doctor because that is not a pot related symptom.
  10. Dude... you are sad. You were in that one thread trying to spread the word that weed has no withdrawal effects what so ever.. and I see you in many other threads spreading ignorance. You sound like a crotchety old man who is living in blissful ignorance and denial.
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    Yes, it is. Marijuana can dull the senses (i.e. sense of touch). 
  12. We've got a dumbass 15 year old who doesn't understand puberty or marijuana, a cop trying to pedal weed , a paranoid stoner, some assholes, and some decent people... Welcome to GrassCity :)

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  13. ^ and we've got this guy who thinks he has it all figured out
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    not one, two, three, and four days after smoking lol. and any dulled sense you may get is a far cry from losing sense of touch
  15. Yes, it is. Marijuana can dull the senses (i.e. sense of touch). 
    Yes I have read that thc can stay in your system for a while Alot of other people have had this reaction from sativa strains and have stayed weeks with delayed touch sensations.
  16. I'm not bad mouthing weed I love it but only indica sativa gives me a gross loss of sensation feeling DONT GET ME WRONG I LOVE MY INDICA!
  17. Iv had this happen after sleeping on my arm. Once I woke up and I was touching my face for a solid 5 minutes and I didn't realize it lol . but it wasn't caused by weed . pretty sure my arm and hand were just sleep
  18. No man, he's right. Mj legalization is a huge threat to many corps, i've been on gc for a while and it seems like these stories have only been coming up in the last year.
  19. Idk man... I can see where ya'll are coming from. And it's definitely possible. Seems a little too conspiracy-like to me. But maybe ya'll are right. After I look back at OP's posts in this thread, they do seem a little... off. Like they're not coming from a real smoker. Idk. It's freaking me out. Now ya'll got me paranoid.

    I'm always hard on cball cause he was spitting some bologna in a weed withdrawal thread awhile ago. I feel like he has good intentions for marijuana culture though. Idk why I'm talking about cball... There are other topics at hand here.

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